Balance tires faster and more efficiently with new Hofmann geodyna 7850p system

Conway, Ariz.—Designed for high-volume shops, the Hofmann geodyna 7850p is easy to use and increases productivity by dramatically reducing balancing time.

“Versatile and efficient, the new Hofmann geodyna 7850p Video Wheel Balancing System will improve any shop’s performance,” said Brian Gates, product manager for Snap-on Equipment.

“With a wide assortment of innovative features, the geodyna 7850p significantly reduces balancing time, using the automatic non-contact rim profiling system, results in quicker customer turnaround and adds to the shop’s bottom line.”

Offering automatic data entry and selection of balancing mode via the scanner and Smart Sonar, the system also has other productivity-enhancing features such as the wheel lift, which is integrated into the 7850p. In addition, it provides users automatic spoke detection, one-spin balance and a patented VPM measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy.

The Hofmann geodyna 7850p is intuitive and has a fast-touch screen monitor with large digits and colored weight position indicators. Its ergonomic design, including the patented telescopic wheel guard, reduces the overall space that the 7850p will require in a shop. Other unique features include the patented electro-mechanical power clamp which allows for quick clamping and unclamping of wheel assemblies and the easyWEIGHT laser pointer which provides fast, accurate

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