Richard Rawlings (center) and Kukui are working together to help shops succeed in Garage Rehab.

KUKUI joins Garage Rehab Season 2 to help revitalize shops

San Jose, Calif.—Kukui Corporation joined Richard Rawlings and crew for the second season of the hit Discovery Channel program Garage Rehab. Kukui supports the shop featured in each episode with a new website designed to help them revitalize their marketing efforts and achieve ultimate success.

In the Garage Rehab series, Richard Rawlings and his team travel the country to find struggling shops that need help. In each episode, Rawlings takes over a shop, making all decisions for the business as he works to revamp and revitalize the enterprise using his entrepreneurial savvy, deep knowledge of the auto industry and marketing skills to transform the struggling garages into profitable businesses.

“When I invest in a garage, not only do we rehab the shop, we also rehab the shops marketing with a new high-end website built by Kukui,” said Rawlings.

In the Garage Rehab project, shops start with a custom-branded website and Kukui works with them after the show to continue improving their marketing efforts.

“The entire Kukui team worked very hard for this. I am humbled and grateful to have been part of this program,” said Todd Westerlund, CEO of Kukui. “Beyond the excitement of being part of this amazing series, the notion of helping to revitalize a struggling shop falls right in line with Kukui’s primary objective of helping shops achieve success.”

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