The Network launches green initiative to collect, dispose of hazardous waste

Safety-Kleen will collect used oil from independent automotive repair customers and re-refine it

Germantown, Tenn.—The Automotive Distribution Network recently partnered with Safety-Kleen to launch a new environmental-waste green initiative designed to helps its members and their customers manage, collect, recycle and responsibly dispose of automotive-waste byproducts, from used oil and oil filters to spent antifreeze and aerosols.

“The Network’s partnership with Safety-Kleen is a proactive measure to ensure our members and their customers worldwide are collecting and disposing of automotive waste in the greenest way possible in accordance with local, state and federal regulations,” says David Prater, Network president.

Safety-Kleen will collect used oil from the Network’s participating independent automotive repair customers, re-refine it and ensure the recycled oil returns to the marketplace without any exploration or drilling. Unlike some hazardous-waste companies that burn oil, Safety-Kleen’s green solutions for collecting, managing and recycling used oil and other waste materials reduces greenhouse gases and heavy-metal emissions.

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