New PPG Quick Prime urethane surfacer improves throughput for shops

Strongsville, Ohio—While the perfect color match and glossy clearcoat get most of the glory, the primer is the foundation of any quality repair. And with PPG Automotive Refinish’s new DPS3105 V-Prime Quick Prime urethane surfacer, body technicians in National Rule markets can move more cars than ever through to the paint shop.

“Shops are always looking for how they can improve their productivity,” said Jennifer Boros, marketing director of PPG’s collision segment, North America. “This is a speed primer, and it’s very different from any other surfacers we have in the line. It has very high build, and it can dry-to-sand in about 30 minutes. We have shops that can get on it in 20 minutes if it’s warmer in the shop, but 30 minutes is our standard dry-to-sand time.”

The Quick Prime’s film build is from one-and-a-half to two times that of the existing V-Prime DPS305x-series of primer surfacers, which is still the product PPG recommends for larger repairs. The Quick Prime, available in gray, is intended for spot and panel repairs, Boros noted, just as its popular Deltron System DC2000 is a speed clear for spot and panel repairs.

“I compare it to being the DC2000 of primers,” she said. “With the DC2000, you’re not going to use it on overalls; you’re not going to use it as your everyday clearcoat. But it’s great for bumpers and mirrors and a panel, and when you need something to go fast, it’s a great tool. That’s how this product is. It’s not going to be your go-to everyday primer, because it’s fast, but it’ll really help you out in those instances when you have spot and panel repairs. It’s a nice complement for a speed air-dry system.”

The Quick Prime mixes 4:1:1 with the DT8xx series of reducers and either the DCX3030 standard hardener, which is also used with the DPS 305x-series V-Prime, or a new high-temperature DCX3035 hardener for use in temperatures above 85-90 degrees to extend the Quick Prime’s pot life. The new surfacer can be rolled, as can the DPS305x-series V-Prime, for application flexibility.

Even with its quick film build, the Quick Prime is resistant to film shrinkage, which prevents primer ringing issues than can result when applying a primer over a cut-through OEM finish, Boros said. Additionally, because the new surfacer dries to almost a semi-gloss finish, it acts as a built-in guide coat when the technician sands. That same nuance can confuse some technicians into thinking it’s not dry, and then they allow too much flash time between coats, she said.

“Because it leaves that sheen, guys who are used to 3055 and K36, which dry real flat, they think it’s still wet so they allow too much flash time between coats,” she said. “They have to be cognizant of that. We’ve really promoted in the FAQ  documents, product data sheets sales meetings, and every time we get out and talk with shops about how this behaves. It’s a great tool to have in the arsenal for productivity and speed in air-dry situations, and we have a lot of air-dry shops.”

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