New Snap-on High-Definition welding helmet a “must have” company says

Kenosha, Wis.--The new Snap-on adjustable, high-definition, auto-darkening welding helmet with grind lockout feature (YA4606) is a “must have” addition to any tool box.


“The new YA4606 is a fully-adjustable, auto-darkening welding helmet that has the most clarity and the widest viewing area of its class along with the capability of handling multiple welding processes,” said Mike DeKeuster, category manager for Snap-on. 


“In addition, the helmet’s four arc sensors provide the widest range of sensitivity which will trigger the lens from multiple angles.  The high-definition lens with grind lockout feature makes the YA4606 a one-of-a-kind helmet that every service technician should own.”


The new Snap-on YA4606 Skull Aces welding helmet features:


•    Auto darkening lens that automatically turns to a darkened state when triggered by a light source such as welding


•    Wide viewing area at a full 3.74” x 3.35” providing the user ample visibility


•    Grind feature allows user to use as a face shield without darkening the lens


•    Fully adjustable shade from # 9-13 for multiple welding processes


•    Adjustable delay holds the lens in a darkened state for a period of time after welding


•    Attractive Skull Aces graphic, carrying the popular theme from Snap-on Tool Storage wraps and Creeper/Seat combo


Customers can find out more about the new Snap-on adjustable, high-definition, auto-darkening welding helmet (YA4606) by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee or representative, visiting   

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