Vallejo shop chooses iAutoFocus for performance, profits, and privacy

Vallejo, Calif.—Klimisch Inc. Co-owner and Manager Connie Klimisch said when choosing management software, Audatex’s iAutoFocus performance won her over.


“Through customizable reporting, we can analyze our cycle time and where holdups could occur, labor, equipment, and parts. The scheduling program drills down by every department and every tech,” Klimisch said. “With iAutoFocus we know the type of jobs we can take in and when.”


For estimating, Klimisch said she relies on Mitchell and CCC1 as required by her DRPs. Both fully integrate into the Audatex iAutoFocus system as well as Quick Books for accounting purposes, she said. The integration is seamless with the estimate programs feeding information into iAutoFocus and then passing along accounting information to Quick Books.


“Profits can be found in a variety of areas. Sometimes it is in refining the process, sometimes it is new equipment, sometimes it is as simple as assigning the right job to the right tech,” Klimisch said.


No two technicians are alike, and every technician has an area where they excel, she said. “Assigning techs to jobs based on the area they excel in is more productive and more profitable. iAutoFocus tracks the productivity of each technician, and over time we can see where they are the most efficient.”


The iAutoFocus production report shows customer information, vehicle information, in date, completion date, department, technician, insurance company, parts status, and any outsourcing such as glass work, striping, or alignment needed, and the gross dollar amount. “At any time I can see every job, where it is, and what needs to be done,” Klimisch said.


“The production report is totally customizable — I choose to sort by tech but it could be by insurance company, the in date, or any of the fields,” she said. “Any of my people can go in and check the status of a vehicle. It’s very helpful managing the work, our efficiencies, and scheduling.”


The scheduling feature clearly shows how much work each department has down to the individual technician. Not only does it help scheduling in coming work, but it helps identify bottle necks when they occur, Klimisch said, adding she likes the program’s flexibility.


“Customizable reports are perfect when dealing with a variety of DRP accounts with different ways of looking at things,” she said.


Statistical reports are very helpful as well. “We track whether the work is coming from Allstate or Farmers. I also look at how many jobs our estimators are pulling in.”


Tracking receivables is another strong suit, she said. “iAutoFocus gives estimators and our administrative assistant the ability to manage receivables and supplements from non DRPs, and makes it easy for them to track everything they need to pay a claim. Access to AR reporting has improved our collection and cash flow.”


Parts reporting and back-order reports are critical in managing workflow and delivery, Klimisch said. “I know what parts have been returned, what we have been paid for, as well as what is outstanding.”


Klimisch has yet to implement a paperless iAutoFocus feature that includes invoice scans to the work order. “Insurance companies at times want to see invoices. iAutoFocus allows us to scan invoices and add them to the work order file. When an insurer wants to see the invoice we can supply it electronically as part of the file. The scan feature will be a big help dealing with our DRPs.”


Data privacy

Klimisch said when choosing Audatex, privacy also molded her decision.


“iAutoFocus is our third business management system and I really like it,” Klimisch said, adding that other systems are web-based including data storage, which was a concern. “When choosing a management system I want control over our information, who has access to it, and how it is used.”


Companies say that they don’t share specific information or where it came from, she said. On the other hand, Klimisch said, it is common for providers to sell statistical information to interested parties. “We only want our information used for our benefit. iAutoFocus provides the privacy we were looking for.”


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