San Jose owner blends new and recycled parts business with off-road retail shop

San Jose, Calif.—Navarra’s is all about trucks, said Ali Shobeiri, owner of Navarra Truck and Van. Established in 1921, Navarra’s has been recycling and selling new and used truck parts in San Jose for more than 90 years, he said, adding it specializes in domestic and Asian trucks — and only trucks.


Shobeiri said he complements recycled parts with new parts and accessories. “We stock new-in-the-box collision and mechanical parts, including lighting, window switches, and regulators. “From door handles to air filters, we keep new, high-demand collision and repair parts on the shelf,” he said.


Navarra’s relies on Brock Supply Company for new electrical parts and lighting and The Connection for door handles, regulators, and more, Shobeiri said. 


Besides the recycling business, Shobeiri has a retail shop, Boss Off Road, catering to the off-road crowd. “We sell lift kits, wheel and tire packages, accessories, installation, as well as gear swaps. 4X4s and off road have always been in my blood,” Shobeiri said.


“Since I was a little kid I’ve been around trucks and my dad’s business. Kids love trucks, and I was no different,” he said. 


Boss Off Road stocks and installs top brands such as Fab Tech, Pro Comp, ICON, and Rough Country. “Lift kits are very popular,” he said. “People come in for a replacement part and see we have 4X4 parts and installation. The off-road shop builds return business. Customizing or simple parts replacement — we offer it all.”


Navarra’s two-acre facility houses 200 trucks and thousands of carefully categorized parts. Collision parts, including panels, lamps, glass, mirrors, bumpers, and covers, are available for same-day delivery. “Orders are delivered within 24 hours, and most on the same business day,” Shobeiri said.


He said the beauty of a recycled part is that often the exact door, color, and trim level can be located, saving a shop time. “We’re not selling just a skin; usually we sell an entire door, including regulator and glass,” he said.


Mechanical repair shops can benefit from recycled parts as well, he said. Engines, transmissions, and transfer cases include documented mileage and VIN identification, said Shobeiri, adding recycled CPUs, starters, alternators, and water pumps also offer great value to repair shops and their customers.


Shobeiri said Navarra’s uses Holander Powerlink to manage inventory. “Shops can source parts through or use the link on our site, and orders are made either by e-mail or over the phone,” he said.


“We’ve been here so long, our name means truck parts in San Jose, and that is something you can’t buy. The industry has changed over the last 10 years with the increase of corporate competition and online vendors. Our goal is to stay competitive and keep our people employed.”


Fleet managers understand the importance of using recycled parts, he said. “We do quite a bit of fleet business; the school districts, San Jose Jet Center, and the city of San Jose depend on recycled parts for their operations.”


Navarra’s is a member of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) and the “Partners in the Solution” program, Shobeiri said.


“Working with the different agencies through SCADA’s partners program is huge. If you have a problem or question, you can get the answer,” he said. “They will take the time to walk you through it.”


Environmental monitoring is a part of daily business. “We’ve never had a violation, and we are self-certified for hazardous material handling and storage. We try to stay one step ahead, including documenting everything when it rains. What time it starts, what time it stopped, its intensity — it’s all recorded,” Shobeiri said. “We document tires, batteries, fluids, oil filters, mercury switches, and radiators.”


Shobeiri said the family has been developing the property around environmental concerns for years. The entire yard is paved with 8-12 inches of concrete, all laid by his father. “When they built the freeway behind our yard, my dad made an arrangement to get the leftover concrete. He also built all of the buildings so every car is on concrete and every part is stored indoors. It makes for a clean and environmentally friendly atmosphere.”


Recently the family downsized the yard from four acres to two. “The property value was such it did not make sense to use it for vehicle storage. With 200 vehicles in stock and more rolling in daily, there is little down time. We are either dismantling parts from a vehicle or readying the shell for salvage.”


He said Navarra’s has a great relationship with the San Jose Fire Department, which uses the Navarra facility for training exercises. “They know it is a safe and clean environment for their people to work,” Shobeiri said. “Our yard is perfect for teaching how to use the Jaws of Life and practice extrication techniques.”


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