ASA-MO/KAN meeting discusses modern coolant technology

Columbia, Mo.—The Automotive Service Association-Missouri/Kansas’s (ASA-MO-KAN) Central Missouri chapter held a Feb. 19 meeting at Bandana’s BBQ in Columbia, Mo.  Local automotive service professionals joined ASA members for a presentation on “Coolants: Understanding the Evolution of OEM Antifreeze Requirements” by Ed Strickland, sales and operations manager of Products Plus Inc.


Strickland gave an overview of the chemical makeup of various types of antifreeze/coolants, and said that most late-model vehicles use an organic acid technology (OAT) coolant (often colored orange) to increase corrosion protection by coating the parts in the cooling system for longer service life. 


Most problems with “mud” in the systems of vehicles using this type of coolant can be traced to them running low and air then being introduced in the system, he said, although contamination with a conventional coolant is also sometimes the cause.


Because it’s impossible to know if a cooling system has been previously topped off, the gold hybrid-type sold by Products Plus is usually the best choice for topping off a system, Strickland said, even though it is not a direct replacement for each type.  Meeting attendees were given a chart showing the suitable replacements.


“Currently, the product that is the most compatible with the most types and colors of factory and aftermarket antifreeze coolant is still the universal HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) formulation,” Strickland said.

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