Nissan and Assured Performance partner for certification and consumer referrals

Torrance, Calif.—Assured Performance announced it has entered into an agreement with Nissan to provide third-party body shop certification services, leveraging their joint-effort certification program. The program will establish a nationwide certified body shop network and consumer referral program for Nissan. The measures are aimed at helping ensure consumer safety and buyer retention following a collision repair. Nissan will use the Assured Performance turnkey certification and business development program built through a joint-effort approach providing greater value for shops

The official Nissan Certification is based upon the bona fide repair requirements developed by Nissan and Assured Performance in a collaborative effort strictly focused on ensuring that the certified shops have the proper training, tools, equipment, and facilities to repair Nissan vehicles to manufacturer specifications.  The business requirements are essential to help ensure the fit, finish, durability, safety, and value of the vehicles being repaired. Shops must meet the certification requirements and pass an on-site inspection and audit by Assured Performance to earn the official “Nissan Certified Repair Provider” status and leverage the exclusive access to Nissan marketing tools and signage. 

Among the unique aspects of Nissan’s Body Shop Certification program is its aggressive consumer marketing program. Nissan vehicle buyers will be directly connected with their local Nissan Certified Repair Provider. The shops able to become certified are marketed directly to the vehicle owners. 

Nissan-certified shops will be a part of a turnkey marketing campaign developed by Nissan.  Nissan’s program also provides consumer referral elements such as a shop locator and other methods to help refer consumers.

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