Integrated sales and marketing dashboard helps owners keep their eye on customer service

Santa Clara, Calif.—Integration of marketing and management programs is key to Kukui’s simple all-in-one success platform. “Everything is measured,” Kukui Vice President of U.S. Operations Mike Giblin said. “From the time they hit enter to find a shop online until you drop the keys in their hand, everything is measured.” 

Director of Marketing Christina Solorzano said normally a shop has a number of marketing companies to deal with. “When you want to do something on the website you call one person, your search results another, CRM yet another. It’s like juggling cats,” she said.

Kukui combines website management, SEO, AdWords (pay per click marketing), customer retention, and Yelp review management. To help manage results, every Kukui customer has a personal marketing manager. “You always deal with the same person,” Solorzano said. “You know them and they know you, your business, and how to help it grow.”

Kukui’s program begins with building and managing a shop’s website. “It’s regularly updated like your cell phone, you don’t have a separate vendor,” Giblin said. “Your site is dynamically changing upon the search. If they put in ‘timing belt for a Honda’ they are directed to the Honda page, and so on depending upon the search. It takes less than 20 seconds for consumers to make a decision, yes or no. We represent you as the expert —offering the service consumers are looking for.”

Success starts by putting the best information in front of the potential customer, he added. Once they’ve made the decision to call, Kukui tracks the results from lead to customer by integrating its marketing with a shop’s management program such as RO Writer, AllData or Profitboost.

If a consumer does not have a relationship with a specific shop, their service often begins with a Web search, Solorzano said. “To track the lead source, we assign each search engine a unique phone number. When the potential customer calls, they hear, ‘This phone call may be recorded for customer service training.’ We capture the call, the time it came in, the number of rings, and if the appointment was made. Knowing the percentage of leads that were converted to customers is very important. Because we record the calls, we work with your staff to improve their phone skills and, ultimately, the conversion rate.”

How the phone is answered, when the phone is answered is so important, Giblin added. “Too many rings and they’ll drop out — attitude, helpfulness, and courtesy all come through when you’re talking on the phone. The goal of the service writer is get the appointment, not diagnose the problem or give phone quotes. Their job is to assure the customer they’ve made the right choice and this is the right shop for the job.”

Solorzano said, “All of your reporting is now in one place. You don’t have to learn all of the reports in your management system or deal with a bunch of different companies that don’t interact.”

Kukui provides a simple solution combining marketing and performance tracking to ensure a customer’s money is being spent in the right place, she said. Kukui’s marketing professional works with them to help them understand the information and provide the support needed to improve.

“On your computer you monitor your history day-to-day and up to year-to-date on a dash board,” Giblin said. “The car-like dashboard has separate gauges for answered calls, conversion rate, e-mails collected, and average ticket. Home or away, you can see when the calls came in, how calls were answered, what your conversion rate is, if they’re getting e-mail information, and what the conversions are worth.”

Additional reporting is provided by source, whether it’s Google-organic versus Google AdWords, direct mail, Yelp, or Yahoo, results are all measured. ‘You know what works and what it is worth,” Solorzano said. “Combine new customer information with your customer base then add customer retention programs. Follow up with e-mail blasts and direct mail and you have a marketing program that is transparent and accountable. Once they’ve been converted to a regular customer the work does not stop. There is a good reason customer retention is one of our dash gauges.”

Kukui continues to develop. With integration of management systems comes the ability to look at different aspects of the business, she added. “Service writers were first because normally they answer the phone. But we all know there is more to it than just a pleasant greeting and an on-time delivery. The quality and efficiency of the repair is also important to customer retention. To this end, Kukui 3.0 will include monitoring of technicians and job efficiencies.”

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