California has among worst metro areas for auto repair in the U.S.

RepairPal releases first study for best and worst cities for service and repair

San Francisco—RepairPal, a provider of auto repair and maintenance information for consumers, reports that Californians can expect the highest car repair bills, with six of the 10 worst cities for car repair located in the state.

RepairPal used internal and government data to determine the best and worst places for auto repair in the country. Factors included average repair bills, labor rates, road conditions and number of mechanics per car used for commuting.

There were few bright spots in the Golden State, other than San Diego, which has better-maintained roads and plenty of technicians to offset higher repair costs.

According to RepairPal, California cities in the Top 10 include the following:

2. San Jose - “The area’s roads and repair labor rate are both second-worst in the country, behind only neighboring San Francisco, which also results in the second-highest average repair cost.”

3. Oxnard - “Oxnard has the highest average repair ticket cost, at $731. While the area has a good number of repair shops, those facilities have a comparatively small number of employees, meaning customers might wait longer than average to get in or get out of the shop.”

5. Los Angeles - “L.A. has the third-worst roads in the country and a high labor rate. Still despite the high labor cost, the average repair ticket comes in just 18th-worst overall.”

7. San Francisco - “It has the priciest labor rate (almost $146 per hour) and worst roads in the country. What keeps it from being higher on this list? A lot of technicians — San Francisco has one of the best car-to-shop-worker ratios.”

9. Bakersfield - “The Bakersfield metro area has the lowest labor rate of any California metro area, ranking in the middle of the pack nationally. But a poor mechanic-to-car ratio and a high average total repair cost propel it into this list.”

10. Fresno - “The Fresno metro area is the sixth representative from the Golden State on this list, due mostly to high average repair costs and aging roads. Its saving grace is a good car-to-mechanic ratio.”

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