California seeks to clarify definition of racing vehicle

CARB concerned that unclear definition leads to misuse of the racing vehicle exemption

Sacramento, Calif.—On July 18 and 19, California Air Resources Board (CARB) held workshops to discuss clarifying CARB’s definition of racing vehicle. California’s law currently defines racing vehicles as a ‘competition vehicle not used on public highways’ (Health & Safety Code § 39048). CARB exempts those racing vehicles from emissions control requirements.

CARB is concerned that the somewhat unclear definition leads to misuse of the racing vehicle exemption. Racing vehicles and certified vehicles modified with racing aftermarket parts used for non-racing or non-competition have been the subject of multiple CARB enforcement actions. CARB argues that illegal use of these racing aftermarket parts creates an unfair business environment for compliant vehicle and parts manufacturers and undermines CARB mission of reducing emissions to meet air quality standards.

The ARB will form a working group in September and will have a draft regulatory proposal in late 2017. MEMA will continue to monitor the issue. For more information, contact Laurie Holmes at

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