Intoxalock offers shops new source of revenue with no investment

Des Moines, Iowa—Since July 1, 2010, ignition interlock devices (IID) have been required for all convicted drunk drivers in a four-county (Tulare, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Alameda) pilot program.

“California’s ignition interlock program for people convicted of driving under the influence is one of the largest in the nation,” Natasha Riley, California regional territory manager for Intoxalock, said.

However, both judges and the DMV can order an IID, Riley said, adding that for offenses occurring outside the pilot counties, judges have the discretion to order one even for first-time DUI offenders.

“Only certified providers such as Intoxalock can help offenders meet the state’s legal IID requirements and local shops will be able to take advantage of this opportunity to install, de-install, and complete service checks and recalibrations on these devices,” Ed Lichinsky, an assistant marketing manager at Intoxalock, said.

“We guide the driver through the process to prepare their paperwork, confirm the IID they are required to have, establish the installation location, date, time, and help educate the client on operating the device,” Lichinsky said.

“Intoxalock has provided services to California drivers since 1998, and was the first company to integrate a fuel-cell-based breathalyzer with the vehicle’s ignition system over 25 years ago,” Riley said. ”We have more than 1,300 service centers nationwide, nearly 100 of which are in California.” 

The Legacy model is Intoxalock’s most widely used ignition interlock device, with more than 23,000 currently on the road. Monitoring authorities, such as judges and probation officers, like it because of its low price for customers, easy-to-use design, quick warm-up time and no false-positives, she said. 

“A shop can become a certified installer with no overhead,” Riley added. “There’s no need to purchase expensive equipment, and each shop is paid at the time of installation by the customer. No special training is required, we make it easy for our partners.”

 “Intoxalock has a dedicated tech support team that will assist technicians with any questions during the installation, and we offer 24 hour support for our customers,” Kerry Keller, Intoxalock’s Service Center Director, said.

While the exact amount for installation, maintenance and removal varies by vehicle, the base starts at $110, but additional fees may be required with newer and more complex vehicle models. Based on an average of seven installs a month, a shop can bring in approximately $18,000 a year in additional revenue,” Lichinsky said.

“Many vehicles may also need some extra work prior to the installation in order for the IID unit to function properly, such as a new battery or alternator. Customers in turn may also visit for repairs, which offers shops an opportunity to earn a customer for life,” he said.

Nikki Ayers, co-owner of Ayers Automotive in Santa Barbara, said her shop has been an Intoxalock service center since 2009.

“We are the only authorized service center in this area and we average one installation or IID service check a day,” she said. “The product is excellent, and their training and help lines are outstanding.”

Ayers said the installations offer an opportunity to meet new people and develop new clients after the device is removed.

“We give them a free courtesy check on their vehicle when they come in to have the Intoxalock IID installed, and many have become regular customers,” she said.

Kevin Gaskins, service writer at Made In America/Made In Japan, has four locations in the Sacramento areaand shares Ayers view. 

“We have been an Intoxalock service center for about four years and I like the device,” Gaskins said. “It’s a great product, they have phenomenal tech support, and they are great to work with.” 

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