Omnique rolls out shop management software version 5.0, uses voice detecting technology

Shop owners can access all info on-the-go and manage businesses remotely

Irvine, Calif.—Nearly a decade ago, in 2006, Kenz & Leslie Distributing recognized that longer lasting vehicles and increased length between manufacturers recommended service intervals would start to take a toll on independent shops revenue by making it more difficult for them to sell preventative maintenance.

It decided to help address the problem with the creation of Omnique Shop Management Software, a shop management software that would help foster sales of preventative maintenance in shops, said Kris Hammon, general manager at Omnique.

“Repair shops are constantly balancing relationships between their vendors and their customers,” Hammon said, during the Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) 2015 Summer Conference, June 12-14, at the Irvine Marriott Hotel, which featured management training tracks and technical training sessions.

 “And every vendor hopes a shop is only selling its product, but in reality that isn’t the case. The customer has the final say, so what we set out to do with Omnique was create an easier way for a shop to foster preventative maintenance sales in general by taking the focus off brand and putting it on selling the maintenance itself.”

Hammon said Omnique developers let the terms “ingrained in the business operations” and “technical agility” guide the design, and ultimately separate them from the competition. “We already had established relationships with hundreds of shops through our 32 outside salesmen representing our BG products, so when we developed Omnique, we already had a good idea of where our customer’s power points were and how our software could ingrain itself into their operations,” Hammon said.

One area of opportunity that quickly emerged was catering to multiple shop operators. Multiple shop operators needed to be able to communicate between locations on one simple platform, so Omnique developers created the software to be browser-based, with no installation required.

The latest version, Version 5.0, incorporates voice detecting technology and increased device compatibility, Hammon said.

“We’ve recently made a major technology shift to HTML5 which will increase device compatibility and communication,” Hammon said. “Now a shop owner can access all of his information on the go and virtually manage the shop from any device that is connected to the internet.”

Jason Carach, owner of three Colorado Tire & Service shops, said he’s been using Omnique for three years and originally decided to go with it for its cloud-based interface, which enabled management capabilities at his fingertips from any device. But he said the software has also streamlined expansion by cutting down on data entry tasks and creation of service packages for his new stores.

“My labor rate is different at each of my three stores, but Omnique allows me to incorporate any preventative maintenance package I’ve created at a new store by simply adjusting the labor rate without having to recreate the package,” Carach said.

The software also ports all his parts inventory and requires no installation, meaning it can be up and running almost instantaneously.

“The software is good as is the customer service. The responsiveness of the Omnique team, and openness to incorporating shop owners suggestions, is what has kept me on board,” Carach said.

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