CARB developing Innovative Technology Regulation; public workshop materials online

Sacramento—The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is developing an Innovative Technology Regulation to provide defined, near-term certification and aftermarket conversion approval flexibility “for the transformational truck and bus technologies that California needs to meet its long-term air quality and climate goals.” CARB recently held a public workshop about it in March. The handout materials from the workshop are now available online at

All of it relates to the current CARB requirements for certifying on-board diagnostics (OBD). The current approval model is geared toward traditional technologies. The state believes that may deter the manufacturers from developing and innovating new technologies for which market acceptance may be uncertain. Furthermore, the agency does not have a protocol for advanced technology vehicle aftermarket conversions (e.g. hybrid conversions). Therefore, CARB is seeking to propose a rulemaking to manage these concerns.

The workshop provided an overview of the regulatory need and options being considered. The workshop also laid out next steps for public outreach and to issue a proposed regulation. There are two workgroups formed – one for certification and one for aftermarket.

CARB will host a second public workshop in the summer, date TBD. In October, CARB anticipates issuing a proposed regulation with a 45-day public comment period. CARB is targeting November to present that to the board for consideration of the proposed regulation. For more details, consult the handout materials recently posted online.

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