Givan Bzuni, owner of three-location All Access Automotive, offers a variety of wheels and tires on display in the showroom at the main Fresno location.  Shop foreman Steve Valenzuela uses a Snap-on Solus Edge to diagnose a vehicle with a check engine light on.Technician Jim Montero sets up a Hunter HawkEye Elite alignment target, which attaches to the tire instead of the rim.Albert Tello watches the read out on the monitor of the shop’s Hunter Road Force Touch wheel balancer.Ruben Keranchian installs a candy-red suspension on a full-custom lifted show truck being built by the shop.

Fresno shop leaps to three locations

From small beginnings, Givan Bznuni’ s All Access expands twice in 2016 with shops in Fresno and Clovis

Fresno, Calif.—Givan Bznuni, owner of All Access Automotive, said he opened his first small garage shop at the worst possible time — June 2007 — but his love of cars and passion for working on them made it succeed.

“I have been intrigued by cars all of my life,” Bznuni said. “During high school, with the help of a teacher, I started my own business modifying cars in my garage.”

Bznuni said that later, as business grew, he also got a lot of help from a local Fresno O’Reilly Auto Parts rep, Damian Cisneros.

“Givan is a true success story, starting out of a small three-bay garage doing $3,000 to $4,000 in parts purchases a month,” Cisneros said. “From there, he has gone on to open three locations — two in Fresno and one in Clovis.”

The second and third locations opened in 2016. The largest location, in Fresno, is 20,000 square feet with a showroom and waiting area, 13 bays, Challenger two-post lifts, a Hunter in-ground scissor lift for alignment, several pad lifts for quick tire and brake repair, and a lot of storage room for inventory.

“I am constantly improving our equipment. In the past year we have upgraded our alignment machine twice to the newest Hunter HawkEye Elite that has a new target adaptor design with no metal-to-metal contact for faster setups, and no knob twisting, which we purchased from Mid State Equipment in Fresno,” Bznuni said.

He also invested in a Road Force Touch tire machine, also purchased from Mid State, and recently added two more Challenger lifts to accommodate more vehicles.

The team ranges from 15 to 20 employees, depending on seasonal ups and downs, and the shop foreman, ASE-Certified Master Technician Steve Valenzuela, performs diagnostic issues with the shop’s Snap-on Solus Edge or Launch Tech PAD II.

All Access has also evolved from primarily selling tires, wheels, and suspension, to a full-service repair facility and dealership alternative, as well as a custom shop.

“We have experienced tremendous growth in the past two years; at least 40 percent per year,” Bznuni said. “I attribute the growth to the abundance of services we offer, coupled with the high level of service we provide at a cost that’s much cheaper than the competition.”

Bznuni said average car count is about 40-45 cars per day and the average RO is up due to the popularity of leveling kits and lift kits for trucks. 

“Our mechanical average RO is $450, the average RO for a set of tires and wheels is $1,200, and if you add a lift kit the average is $3,200.”

The best selling “name-brand” tires are Toyo, Pirelli, and Hankook. Chinese brands Winrun and Comforser, and Korean-made Nexen are also popular. His main distributors are ATD, TDX, and National Tire.

All Access sells virtually every wheel made, with Velocity, Diablo, Lexani, and Gianna being among the top sellers.

“I am currently working on importing my own brand of wheels for the off-road market,” Bznuni said. “I also import mud tires direct from China in order to stay as competitive as I can with the big players.”

Rough Country is among the most well-liked lift kit brands, with Belltech and Eibach being popular for lowering.

Bznuni said truck “leveling” kits are also popular, noting Pro Comp, Skyjacker, and Super Lift are prevalent.

“While normal lift kits offer a number of different options and styles of kits, leveling kits are entirely vehicle-specific, and there is no universal kit that will work for any rig.

“We also do a lot of alignment, brakes, and OE suspension work. Often, customers come in for an alignment and we find that they have suspension issues to be fixed before the vehicle can be correctly aligned.”

A new product Bznuni has added in the past two years is custom vinyl vehicle wraps, which he said are a tedious job but the end result is unmistakable.

Bznuni said he buys 90 percent of his parts from O’Reilly, and the rest from NAPA, Autozone, WORLDPAC, and European Auto Parts.

“We have a very special relationship with O’Reilly Auto Parts because we need each other in order to be successful,” he said. “They provide an important service for us, which is part of the reason why we are so successful. They provide a vast array of inventory at the local store, which is only a block away at a very competitive price. Exceptional employees like Damian take the time to come to my shop and observe what needs I have.”

Bznuni said the shop does fleet business and provides reconditioning services for many local dealerships as well as after sale services if the vehicle breaks down. Wholesale business is 50 percent or more of his total business.


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