Alaskan NAPA professional shares insights and takeaways from 2015 NAPA Expo

Las Vegas—Nevada heat is a far way from Alaskan cool.

But nevertheless, Jay McFetridge, a NAPA sales professional at NAPA Fairbanks, and his wife, Barbara, a service writer and in-house marketing developer for The Gas and Diesel Doctor, as well as the secretary for the Fairbanks NAPA Autocare Centers Business Development Group, made the trip to Las Vegas in May for the 2015 NAPA Expo.

He said it was well worth it.

“I was most impressed by the overwhelming sense of partnership I heard in every seminar and on the NAPA Expo floor,” said McFetridge, who is responsible for developing, growing and maintaining the relationship with a group of 22 large wholesale customers. The group includes two large metal mines, a coal mine, a large fleet of tour buses, four OEM dealerships and several “excellent” NAPA Autocare Centers.

 It was obvious that NAPA is most interested in building strong relationships with its customers and not just selling product, he said, and the show was as much a grand customer appreciation event as it was a trade show.

“I was also really encouraged to see a large demographic represented,” said McFetridge, who attended seminars on attracting the Millennial generation, new connected cars, leadership principals, technical repair information, right on through to succession planning.

“It was terrific to see lots of the young, intelligent, future generation minds so involved in the seminars. This industry, and specifically my career at NAPA, have helped my family prosper for the past three decades, so it’s nice to see younger minds take up the baton and run with it. As an industry, we need new talent and the opportunities available come up in almost every conversation I have.”

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