Todd Ainsworth (left), co-owner of West Seattle Autoworks and president of the Sno-King Unit of ASA Northwest, visits with a SSC automotive technology student during a meet and greet event to match students and shops for a newly established apprenticeship program.

ASA and SCC establish apprenticeship program

Seattle—The Sno-King Unit of ASA Northwest and South Seattle College (SSC) have established an Automotive Technology Training Cohort program designed to match ASA-member shops with automotive technology students at the college.

In a detailed memorandum of understanding, the program allows ASA-member repair shops to sponsor a student enrolled in the SSC automotive technology program as a “cohort” or apprentice. The program is a seven-quarter accredited degree model resulting in an A.A.S. degree in Automotive Technology.

All first-year students will follow the same curriculum with college training during morning sessions at SSC, allowing for work experience in the afternoons at shop facilities. The program is coordinated by automotive instructors and the SSC dean, who oversees the automotive technology program.

Employers select students in the training program from a pool of applicants who qualify for federal and state workforce funds. Those funds pay for the program costs until the student becomes a full-time employee. There is no cost to the employer for the first two quarters of the program, and additional funding may be available after that period.

During the “cohort” or apprenticeship process, SSC instructors and representatives from a contracted Community Based Organization (CBO) review and evaluate each student’s progress, provide progress guidance for each student, develop and refine next steps for students and availability of resources, and provide other services. The CBO is responsible for providing “effective interface and navigation of the ASA’s employers’ students with SSC student’s registration, funding, and admissions services.”

On March 7, the Sno-King Unit of ASA and the college provided a forum at the SSC Automotive Technology training center at which ASA shop owners and managers met with each of the students qualified for the apprenticeship program. Students met at each assigned table with shop representatives to determine if the student/shop match was viable for each party.

On hand at the event was Jeff Lovell, AMAM, president and executive director of ASA Northwest; Howard Anderson, automotive instructor, as well as other SSC instructors; and Duncan Burgess, SSC dean of Multi-Trades, Business & Information Services.

“This is an exciting program and we are very pleased to partner with ASA in this effort,” Burgess said.

Lovell added, “ASA and the Sno-King Unit have worked diligently to make this program a reality and provide quality students to our member shops.”

For details on the program, contact Lovell at 253-473-6970; Burgess at 206-934-6882; Anderson at 206-934-6834; or Todd Ainsworth, Sno-King Unit president, at 206-257-5344.

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