The ATS eScope Elite will be demonstrated in the Auto Master Training booth at ATE.The Prolong Battery Systems create a new way to bring customers back for subsequent service visits.Cuda parts washers will be on display at ATE 2018.The Pro-Cut USA PFM-X9 is the most advanced rotor matching system to date.The uTest Advanced Terminal Test Kit will be available at the AESwave booth.Autonerdz will again offer the extensive PicoQuad 4425 lab scope kit at its ATE trade booth.

Diagnostic tools and hybrid service equipment are among many offerings at ATE

Exhibitors will fill trade show floor with latest in T&E to service today’s vehicles

SeaTac, Wash.-In addition to more than 60 management and technical classes, there will be more than 50 exhibitors at the Automotive Training Expo (ATE), held at the DoubleTree Hotel across from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, March 16-18.

The trade show will be on Friday and Saturday evenings, and vendors will display a variety and products and services, including tools and equipment, many of which shop owners and managers will be considering for their facilities. Below are just a few of the highlights that will be on the trade show floor.

ATS eScope Elite will be on display in the Auto Master Training booth, said Gary Smith, an exhibitor, trainer, and keynote speaker at ATE.

“The Elite 4-bundle includes the new, class-leading 4-channel scope that runs on a Windows 10 Surface Pro Tablet,” Smith said. The scope powers pressure or vacuum transducers, automatically acquires signals, and is the only automotive 4-channel running a 16-bit processor.

“The iEA Intelligent Engine Analyzer provides technicians with powerful flat-rate-friendly software to analyze the source of misfires, plus it provides in-cylinder analysis on valves, timing, compression, and more,” Smith said, noting that all those allow techs to diagnose and verify difficult mechanical complaints with engine disassembly.

The Ignition Analyzer software and the output functions allow techs to drive coils, injectors, and solenoids, “with no more guessing on computer replacements.” provides training, support, and on-car assistance for techs.

Hybrid Automotive will showcase the ProlongPro Battery Systems, which is a universal, high-speed hybrid battery service and reconditioning tool that enables independent shops to take control of hybrid electric vehicle service, maintenance, and repair, said Jeff Sloan of Hybrid Automotive.

“The battery systems are compatible with Hybrid Automotive’s full line of Prolong Car Harnesses,” he said. “Once installed, a Prolong Car Harness enables ultra-fast in-car hybrid battery servicing. The patented technology allows hybrid battery servicing to be a recurring, ongoing offering rather than a one-time event.”

Sloan said there are multiple uses for Prolong products, including preventive maintenance for aging hybrid batteries, extended vehicle diagnostics, charging, and repair of failed hybrid battery packs.

Cuda Washington will feature its Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers, which owner Jennifer Kahler described as “safe, no-solvent, environmentally friendly solutions to cleaning parts automatically.”

The Cuda washers use pressurized hot water and industrial detergents to clean parts, allowing for increased productivity while saving money and protecting workers from harsh solvents and manual scrubbing.

“With our washers, technicians simply load the parts, closed the door, and push the start button,” Kahler said. A Cuda machine typically supports three to four techs who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand.

Cuda Washington is the largest authorized dealer of Cuda Parts Washers and repair parts, as well as the largest onsite service and repair group for all makes of aqueous parts washers in western Washington.

Pro-Cut USA will display its PFM-X9 Rotor Matching System. “The X9 incorporates an all-new ‘X’ frame chassis for increased rigidity and strength,” said Aaron Norris, of Pro-Cut USA. The unit also has Pro-Cut’s one button push compensation technology.

Pro-Cut’s third-generation belt drive technology is the driving force behind the X-9, Norris said. It allows the output power to handle the latest drivetrain configurations. With the available GYR measuring system, all vehicle brake specs and rotor data is available with the push of a button.

AESwave, a supplier of scan tools, system testers, and related products, will feature its uTest Advanced Terminal Test Kit that “is a perfect companion for your lab scope or meter,” said Carlos Menchu, of AES. The kit includes 118 essential and common adapters, probes, and terminals that connect to a wide variety of sensors, actuators, and circuits.

The test kit also includes 12 sets of male/female terminal leads sized Micro 64 to 6.00mm flat and round, a set of fuse amp loops, a 10K Ohm variable resister, an airbag/SRS simulator test terminals, a set of micro probes, and more.

Autonerdz will offer the PicoQuad 4425 Ultra Kit. The PC-based 4-channel lab scope kit is an Autonerdz exclusive and includes the 4425 PicoScope plus a full WPS pressure testing kit and a variety of other components. “This is the ultimate lab scope kit and offers the best bang for the buck,” said Tom Roberts, Autonerdz founder.

Autonerdz Picogroup also provides training and support services for technicians to reach their desired level of expertise with the tool.







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