Students use bio-diesel from waste oil and use it in two trucks and a special long distance competition car.NASTF announced the addition of Sheri Hamilton to its Education Team (EDU).Three St. Louis veterans were presented vehicles by the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides program.Navistar International donated five trucks to Ranken Technical College.Jasperhas acquired Diesel USA Group Inc.

River Valley People & Places - July 2019


WAC-STL meeting highlighted the Rockwood Summit Bio-Diesel Program. “We had a good turnout at Rockwood Summit High School for our monthly membership meeting,” said Jess Crump, vice president of WAC-STL. “We spoke to Darren Peters about his bio-diesel program and some of the students who design, build, and maintain the vehicles that run on the bio-diesel they make.” Students make bio diesel from waste oil provided by kitchens, and use it in two full-sized trucks and a special long distance competition car that they designed and built themselves. The program has been at Rockwood for 10 years.

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) announced the addition of Sheri Hamilton, executive director of the Midwest Auto Care Alliance, to its Education Team (EDU). Hamilton coordinates VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo in Kansas City. In addition, she brings years of experience in coordinating and delivering education programs.

Three St. Louis veterans were presented vehicles by the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides program, along with car donors GEICO, Farmers Insurance and USAA, and collision repair partners CARSTAR Wentzville, ABRA Autobody and Schaefer Autobody. The presentation was held at the NABC Gateway Pars for Cars Golf Fundraiser at the Boone Valley Golf Club, in Augusta, Mo. Recipients were Karen Cooksey, Adelita Ousleyi, and Melvin Wright.

Legislation (S.B. 242) failed to pass before Missouri’s legislature. It would have allowed historic vehicles to be issued license plates without an annual mileage restriction. A historic vehicle is defined as being 25 years old or older, owned solely as a collector’s item and used only for exhibition and educational purposes. Currently, Missouri law limits such vehicles to 1,000 miles of personal driving per year and requires owners to keep a log of miles driven.

Navistar International has donated five diesel-powered (heavy duty) trucks to Ranken Technical College. Ranken students are using the equipment as part of their Diesel Technology degree program. Diesel-powered vehicles are critical to commerce and industry, and there is a growing demand for skilled employees who understand how diesel trucks work, how they are built, how diesel fuels work, causes of failure and how to repair them, according to Ranken Diesel Technology Instructor Jeff Ermeling. “Ranken is focused on hands-on training and modern industry-standard technologies to help our students become proficient in a range of skills and equipment,” he said.

Jasper Holdings Inc., the parent company of Jasper Engines and Transmissions, has acquired Diesel USA Group Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Ky. Diesel USA Group will remain a separate company and brand as it becomes part of the Jasper ESOP. “Diesel USA Group is a respected brand with a great team. We are excited about the growth opportunities for the products and services they offer and feel they will be a great addition to the Jasper ESOP,” said Zach Bawel, Jasper president. “With this acquisition, it enables us to continue to diversify our family of companies while remaining committed to an industry we understand.”




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