Tom Marx Will Present ”Mergers, Acquisitions and Ownership Changes: An Opportunity Guide” to Heavy Duty Leadership Professionals at Northwood University

San Rafael, Calif. – Tom Marx, aftermarket industry veteran and partner, Hart Marx Advisors, will present at the 2019 University of the Aftermarket’s Heavy Duty Leadership week for the seventh consecutive year. Marx will coach next-generation leaders, providing expert insight on how to navigate the consolidation changes that they may face in the heavy duty and commercial vehicle aftermarket.
“The aftermarket is changing at a more rapid speed than ever,” Marx said, “especially when it comes to the heavy duty and commercial vehicle markets. Having experienced many different ownership events throughout my career and with the work that we do at Hart Marx Advisors, it’s my privilege to give these future leaders a forum in which to ask questions, learn and share with one another as we explore this topic that can feel daunting to tackle alone.”
Marx’s session this year is entitled “Mergers, Acquisitions and Ownership Changes: An Opportunity Guide,” which he will be presenting at the Sloan Family Building, headquarters for the University of the Aftermarket on the Northwood University campus in Midland, Michigan, during Heavy Duty Leadership, July 7-12, 2019.
This presentation will focus on providing information to young executives that will give them the skills and knowledge needed to approach a merger, acquisition or other ownership event with confidence and opportunity.
“It was important to structure this presentation in a way that communicates the vast opportunity that lies within a merger or acquisition,” Marx said. “There is a lot of room in these situations to make smart choices for the business and its future, if you know what to look for – that’s what I hope to share at Northwood this year, in addition to vital information on valuation, multiples and strategic buyers and sellers.”
Now in its eighth year, Heavy Duty Leadership is a core part of the University of the Aftermarket’s offerings, focused on the development of new and future industry executives. Structured as an intensive and intellectually stimulating one-week residential development course, this program focuses on pushing those in early and mid-career positions to new levels.
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