Flexible Scuff Pad Outperforms Steel Wool on Color and Clear Coat Surface Scuffs

3M Auto Introduces Ultra Fine Paint & Body Polish Finishing Scruff Pad

ST. PAUL, Minn. (May 10, 2017) – 3M Auto today announced the launch of the 3M™ Ultra Fine Scrubbing Sponge, its latest improvement to existing scratch removal solutions. Designed to be used as step four in the 3M™ Body Repair System, the pliable, heat-resistant pad is ideal for removing light surface rust, scuffs and scratches.
These specialty-purpose sponges get into tight, hard-to-reach spots for auto body finishing repairs and touch ups. In addition to being an effective replacement for traditional steel wool, the 3M™ Ultra Fine Scrubbing Sponge reaches challenging locations that ordinary sanding tools simply cannot reach without shredding, rusting or splintering.
The non-woven web provides consistent surface finishing over the lifespan of the pad, whether it’s used for cleaning, blending, prepping or finishing. Developed as a better surface finishing solution, each sponge combines quality 3M Auto abrasives with a highly flexible design that can be used on metal, wood, plastics or composites, without losing performance effectiveness after use. For added versatility, they can be used wet or dry and can be rinsed clean for repeated use.
The 3M™ Body Repair System is a four-stage process that utilizes the reparative power of 3M Auto and Bondo® branded products. From a paint scratch to rusted out metal, each step focuses on one phase of the greater process to ensure that abrasives, tapes, body fillers and refining tools work together for optimal repair.
“The 3M Body Repair System connects 3M Auto and Bondo® branded products together to achieve maximum body repair results for all levels of auto DIYers,” said Matt Callahan, Global Marketing Manager Auto Care Division at 3M Auto. “As a part of the fourth and final stage of the process, we worked to make theUltra Fine Scrubbing Sponge easy-to-use, yet highly effective in polishing the work achieved in the previous three stages for truly unparalleled results.”
Every day scratches may be unavoidable, but the 3M™ Body Repair System makes it easy to quickly polish the blemishes. Offering exceptional convenience, the 3M™ Ultra Fine Scrubbing Sponge is ready to use straight from the package without any special tools or additional supplies prior to use. For further details, or to purchase 3M™ Ultra Fine Scrubbing Sponge, please visit www.3mauto.com.
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