Adaptable Forward Lift I10 Two-Post Lift provides lifting setup for variety of vehicles

Madison, Ind.—The Forward Lift I10 10,000-pound capacity two-post lift comes with Spot-Rite three-stage front arms, designed to properly lift a wide range of vehicles to help independent repair shops get the most profit out of each work bay.

“Most shops service a variety of cars, trucks, SUVs and vans daily,” said John Uhl, sales and brand manager for Forward Lift. “If certain bays aren’t equipped for certain vehicles, bottlenecks can occur and reduce productivity. Shop managers can assign any light-duty vehicle to a work bay equipped with an I10 two-post lift. Its Spot-Rite three-stage arms are equally adept at symmetrically holding heavier vehicles and asymmetrically holding lighter ones.”

Symmetric lifting centers the vehicle load between the lift’s columns to maximize lifting capacity, preferred for most trucks, SUVs and vans. Lighter cars can be better serviced using an asymmetric lift, which positions the vehicle toward the rear of the bay to prevent its doors from contacting the lift’s columns when opened. It provides increased access to the interior of the car and its underdash components. Most two-post lifts are either symmetric or asymmetric, forcing the shop owner to choose one over the other.

Forward Lift’s Spot-Rite design provides both by including one three-stage arm and one two-stage arm on each column. The rear arm has a maximum reach of 58 inches toward the back of the vehicle, while the shorter front arm can be angled toward the middle of the bay. The asymmetric-like setup supports the vehicle’s center of gravity and places the vehicle’s doors clear of the lift’s columns. For symmetric lifting of larger vehicles, the technician simply shortens the rear arm and angles the front arm more toward the front of the bay.

Spot-Rite arms come standard on the Forward Lift I10 two-post lift. The lift has 10,000-pounds of capacity, which is enough to pick up vehicles up to and including Class 2 pickup trucks. Additional features include a single-point lock release for easy lowering of the vehicle, spring-operated automatic arm restraints that disengage at floor level, a padded overhead shutoff, and adapter height extensions for reaching manufacturer-recommended pick-up points.

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