Clore Automotive Unveils Four Innovative Battery Service Products

New Chargers, Tester and A Booster Cable Line Launched at #AAPEX16

Lenexa, KS (November 30, 2016) – Four new battery service products recently launched by Clore Automotive include a four-channel charger, a heavy-duty charger, a digital tester with printer and a line of booster cables.

Charge Up To Four Different Batteries With One Charger
The new PRO-LOGIX 2A x 4 Channel Battery Maintenance Station from SOLAR (PL4020) utilizes advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to optimally charge up to four batteries at once. Each channel is fully independent so any combination of lead acid battery types can be charged without affecting the others (Conventional, AGM, Spiral Wound, Start-Stop, Deep Cycle and Marine). The PL4020 features soft start mode for deeply discharged batteries, battery repair mode for older/distressed batteries and temperature compensation for extreme temperatures. It also has operator-safety features including over-voltage protection, reverse polarity protection and battery fault detection.

Rugged Fleet Charger Especially Designed For Multi-Battery Packs
The PRO-LOGIX 12/24V Fleet Charger from SOLAR (PL5100) is designed for the challenges of servicing heavy-duty vehicle multi-battery packs. With a charging capacity of up to 100 amps, it’s able to recharge multi-battery packs quickly, safely and up to 40% faster than a 70-amp charger. The 425-amp boost rate is the most powerful start assist on the market.  Like all SOLAR chargers, the PL5100 features advanced charging logic, robust components, quick set-up and smart display feedback.
Printing Battery Tester Performs Both Battery And System Tests
Download hi-res photoThe Digital Battery and System Tester with Integrated Printer (BA427) performs complete battery and/or system testing on 6 and 12 Volt batteries and 12 and 24 Volt charging systems. The built-in printer documents results for customer or job tickets. The easy-to-use interface guides the operator through every testing step. Included battery management PC software allows collection of test results to track battery health over time.
Booster Cable Line Endures Temperature Extremes To Get The Job Done
The Jump-N-Carry Commercial Grade Booster Cable series covers all starting applications from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty, construction or agricultural equipment. Each cable is designed for all weather / temperature use from -40 ̊F to +175 ̊F. Each cable/clamp pairing provides maximum power transfer, while clamps provide strong biting force to penetrate corrosion on battery terminals.
About Clore Automotive
Based in Lenexa KS, Clore Automotive is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals and automotive enthusiasts. Battery products include jump starters, chargers, testers and power inverters sold under brands including Booster PAC, Jump-N-Carry, SOLAR, and CHARGE IT!. Clore Automotive products are available from a variety of retailers and aftermarket outlets including auto parts stores, mobile tool dealers, industrial distributors, farm and agricultural centers and others.
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