The UV Fastlane 1K is said to be the most powerful 110V UV curing system for the automotive industry.Kaeser has redesigned its Sigma Frequency Control compressors with advanced SynRM motor-drive combinations.RockPro offers both DIY (shown) and commercial kits for windshield repair.

Collision Product Notes - July 2019

Fastlane UV curing for lower volume shops

     Delray Beach, Fla.—UV Fastlane 1K Automotive Curing System has been introduced for a more affordable UV curing system for lower volume shops, and according to the company, the U.S.-made system is the most powerful 110V UV curing system for the automotive industry.

     With 1100 watts of curing power and a high intensity irradiator with 500 watts per inch, the system is said to be able to cure any UV primer in seconds. The UV Fastlane 1K cart is specifically designed for the rigors of the automotive industry, and the handheld irradiator is ergonomically designed and extra lightweight so that even continuous usage will not cause undue fatigue or stress.

     Built-in safety features include an automatic shut off at idle, a kill switch, and comprehensive thermal control, and with the included UV Safety Gear, operators and bystanders are safe and secure as well.


Kaeser increases efficiency and service with SFC VFD compressors

     Fredericksburg, Va.—Kaeser Compressors ( has redesigned its Sigma Frequency Control (SFC) 45, 55, 75S, 90S and 110S compressors with advanced SynRM motor-drive combinations. According to the company, the 60-125 HP units offer better part-load efficiency, longer service life, and reduced maintenance costs.

     Developed in partnership with Siemens and designed to work with Kaeser’s SFC models, the SynRM motor-drive combination achieves top tier IES2 classification, which results in better specific performance, especially in the part-load conditions that call for variable speed compressors.

     They do not use aluminum, copper, or expensive rare earth metals in the rotors, and instead are made of electrical steel with a special profile. With that unique rotor design, the motors run cooler, resulting in lower bearing and winding temperatures and increased motor life. And because there are no magnets in the rotor, motor service is safer and easier. 

     To further enhance overall sustainability, SFC T models with the optional integrated refrigerated dryers have been upgraded with R-513A, a non-flammable, non-toxic advanced formulation refrigerant. R-513A has 56-percent lower global warming potential (GWP) compared to the current US standard (R-134A). That, combined with Kaeser’s advanced heat exchanger design, reduces refrigerant requirements without compromising dryer performance, according to the company.


RockPro offers DIY and commercial windshield repair kits

     Las Vegas—RockPro ( boasts that its windshield repair kit can be successfully used by anyone in less than 10 minutes. With hot and cold cartridge options, it’s designed for various climates and weather changes for a fast windshield repair.

     The RockPro commercial unit, packaged in a blow-molded case with additional cartridges, includes a big-pit adapter and a corner adapter and is said by the company to be the most affordable and user-friendly windshield repair kit in the auto-repair industry.

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