Autel’s MaxiSYS Calibration Tool Package includes an adjustable calibration frame and interchangeable targets.Autel’s MaxiSYS Calibration Tool PackageMeguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax offers more protection and durability than conventional wax with a spray-on, rinse-off formula.

Collision Tool & Equipment News - April 2019

Autel tool package calibrates ADAS systems

     Farmingdale, N.Y.—The Autel MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration Tool Package ( provides advanced components and accurate repair procedures for camera, radar, LiDAR, and night vision driver-assisted systems, the company said. The ADAS Tool Package includes an adjustable calibration frame and interchangeable targets for collision repair, wheel alignment, glass replacement and specialty repair shops.

     The collision-repair ready software package provides detailed graphic instructions and precise measurements for setup and calibration procedures. The included single-button Pre-SCAN/Post-SCAN feature performs an AutoSCAN test for all modules in all vehicle systems. Detailed report files, including shop information and photos taken during inspection, are then generated for insurance carrier submission. The scan feature also includes ADAS identification to pinpoint modules requiring calibration procedures on the Pre-SCAN report. Additionally, the MaxiSYS software provides OEM-level coverage, bi-directional diagnostics, and service reset features, according to Autel.


Hybrid Ceramic Wax sprays on, rinses off

     Irvine, Calif.—Meguiar’s  Products’( Hybrid Ceramic Wax features a new Si02 formula, in a departure from traditional waxes that offers more protection and durability than conventional wax by simply spraying on, rinsing off and then drying, according to the company.

     After washing the vehicle and rinsing, spray on the Hybrid Ceramic Wax and then follow with a second rinse using a strong stream of water. This final rinse helps to spread and lay down the wax. Dry the car normally with a premium microfiber drying towel. There’s no rubbing or buffing, and there’s no cure time.

     In Parts & People testing at press time, the product applied quickly and rinsed off cleanly, with rain from an afternoon downpour beading up noticeably more than the adjacent untreated panel.



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