Driveroo launches Driveroo Inspector for repair shops

Driveroo has introduced a mobile application, Driveroo Inspector, that enables auto repair shops to facilitate better communications with customers by quickly capturing data about the condition of a vehicle and identifying potential issues.  
According to a survey from AAA, two out of three US drivers do not trust auto repair shops because of overcharges, recommendations for unnecessary service, and poor past experience.   In part, that is due to the fact that most auto repair shops have relied on paper-based vehicle inspection forms that are difficult to read and share, and contain incomplete information with no photos.  Auto service providers often have little insight into the specific vehicle they are looking at, leading in some cases to recommendations for unnecessary service, and in other cases, potentially missing things that could lead to serious safety and maintenance issues.  Drivers, on the other hand, have had very little visibility into the rationale behind the recommendations made by auto service technicians, and therefore have developed a low level of confidence in the industry.
Driveroo Inspector solves this problem on both ends of the spectrum by using technology to offer a more effective way to service, inspect, and maintain vehicles.  It provides the necessary insight for drivers and service shops to make better decisions. Using Driveroo’s TurboGraphics technology, Driveroo Inspector facilitates the inspection through a series of images and multiple choice questions available on any smartphone or tablet.  The technician simply taps on the TurboGraphics image of the item to be inspected, walks through a series of easy-to-answer questions, and adds relevant photos and voice-to-text comments.  Repair recommendations are quickly communicated to the service advisor, and shared with the customer for review via text or email.  

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