Ford Approves Chief® PNP90 Rivet Gun for F-150 Collision Repair Program

 for use in repairing collision damage to the aluminum-bodied F-150. The PNP90 is the only rivet gun in the Ford F-150 Collision Repair Program that is pneumatically driven to provide maximum rivet consistency.
“The PNP90 Rivet Gun delivers a very consistent pneumatically pressed rivet,” says Mickey Swartz, vice president of international business development/global product management for Chief. “Now customers can purchase a rivet gun with the same expectations of quality they have experienced in the rest of the wide range of Chief equipment approved to repair the F-150.”
The PNP90 Rivet Gun uses a pneumatic-hydraulic system specifically developed for riveting and pressing out self-piercing rivets like those used in the manufacture of the F-150. It provides plenty of power, offering a highly efficient pressure ratio of 100:1, delivering 8702 psi (600 bar) of hydraulic output pressure, with input pressure of only 87 psi (6 bar). The rivet head is lighter than competitive battery-operated models, making it easier for techs to handle and use for time-intensive repairs.
To repair the aluminum sheet metal structures of the F-150, the Chief PNP90 mobile tool includes a pneumo-hydraulic pressure intensifier, hydraulic gun, NB 40 rivet clamp, a fully equipped UN 2.0 riveting tool kit and a special F-150 mandrel kit.
For other vehicle repairs that require flow-form rivets, the PNP90 can easily install them. Its universal technology enables precision calibrating and hole punching for a perfect fit every time.
The Chief PNP90 Rivet Gun and accompanying F-150 mandrel kit join the full roster of approved Chief aluminum repair equipment available to Ford dealers through the Rotunda Dealer Equipment program, including:
• Goliath™, impulse™ E/VHT and EZ LINER® Express frame racks
• LaserLock™ Live Mapping System
• Structural Holding with F-150 Kit
• F-150 Holding Kit
• Deluxe Chain and Clamping Package with Rolling Cart
• Collet Style Target Attachment Set for Non-Ferrous Vehicle Openings
• Mobile Dust Extractor System
• MultiMig 511 Welder with Standard Torch
• MultiMig 511 Welder with Push-Pull Torch
• MultiMig 522 Dual Torch Welder Complete with Standard and Push-Pull Torch
• MultiTool Aluminum Dent Repair Station
To learn more about the Chief PNP90 Rivet Gun, visit For a free demo, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262, option 2. Chief is also active on Twitter, and Facebook, For video, visit
About Chief
Chief® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality collision repair equipment and services. The Chief product line includes frame-pulling equipment, vehicle-anchoring systems, measuring systems, vehicle frame specifications, joining equipment such as welders and rivet guns, as well as related equipment like adhesive debonders and fume extractors. Through Chief University, Chief provides comprehensive training on structural analysis, computerized measuring, collision dynamics, aluminum repair, and design based repair.
Chief is a Vehicle Service Group (VSG) brand. VSG is a strong, diverse and dynamic global leader in the vehicle service industry. It comprises 13 major vehicle lifting and collision repair brands: Rotary®, Chief, Forward®, Direct-Lift®, Revolution®, Hanmecson®, Ravaglioli, Elektron, Blitz, Nogra, Butler, Space and Sirio. With its American headquarters in Madison, Indiana, VSG has operations worldwide, including ISO 9001-certified manufacturing centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

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