Continental Engine Cooling Fan Assemblies are an exact match for fit and performance to the OE part.With Repair-Source and the new software version 3.5, techs can use the diagnostic tool to scan more vehicles.Proprietary RPT Rust Prevention Technology provides all-weather zinc plating comparable to OE.CRP Automotive now offers three new application specific Pentosin-branded 0W-20 motor oils for BMW, Volvo, and Volkswagen vehicles.CPX-900 is built with integrated Wi-Fi, enabling sharing of battery test results with customers via e-mail.

National Product News - February 2019

Continental engine cooling fan assemblies restore original engine cooling performance

Allentown, Pa.—Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket offers a new line of Continental engine cooling fan assemblies that are an exact match for fit and performance to the OE part. The assemblies are engineered to restore original engine cooling performance.

Continental Engine Cooling Fan Assemblies are 100 percent tested for fit, vibration, and amperage draw. They feature OE-style electrical connections so there are no “flying leads” that require wire splicing. Automotive-grade materials are used throughout to ensure long service life and dependability.

To save time during the installation process, technicians will find that all mounting points are exactly the same as the original fan. They are direct replacements for the factory units.

Dave Maclay, head of Product Management – HVAC, TPMS, Chassis & Safety, said, “We’ve designed the part to be easy to install for the technician, so that the job can be done quickly and economically.”


Bosch adds OEM service and repair database to software version 3.5 for ADS 325 and 625

Warren, Mich.—Bosch Automotive Aftermarket has announced the addition of Repair-Source, the largest comprehensive library of OEM service and repair information in North America, to its ADS series professional diagnostic scan tools, the company said. The new database, included with Bosch’s annual diagnostic subscription, is available in software version 3.5. Technicians and shop owners can save thousands of dollars every year with Repair-Source, which can replace multiple subscriptions for OE information.

Repair-Source is included in Bosch’s annual diagnostic subscription cost.

“With Repair-Source and the new software version 3.5, techs can use the diagnostic tool to scan more vehicles, confirm more diagnostic tests and turn cars more often with the correct repairs,” said Danijela Haskin, product manager. “The addition of Repair-Source gives shops more repair information, in the tool and at the vehicle, to maximize their hours.”

Technicians using a Bosch ADS tool will see the Repair-Source service information database on-screen after downloading and installing software V3.5. Repair-Source provides direct access to OEM service procedures, DTC troubleshooting, torque specifications, wiring diagrams, TSBs, maintenance schedules, fluid recommendations and more.


Raybestos expands caliper coverage with new part numbers for Element3 and R-Line

McHenry, Ill.—Raybestos has increased its caliper coverage with the addition of premium Element3 new plated brake calipers and Raybestos R-Line remanufactured plated caliper part numbers.

With 100 percent new components, no core return and lower warranty rates, Raybestos Element3 new plated calipers provide hassle-free installation and optimal performance, said Kristin Grons, marketing manager for Brake Parts Inc (BPI). Designed and manufactured to strict Raybestos engineering specifications, these award-winning premium calipers offer original-equipment precision at a fraction of the cost of OE. The aluminum or plated castings provide superior corrosion prevention and meet (ASTM B117) 96-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test standards. The line is ideal for high VIO and problem applications, and includes plated brackets, where required.

Raybestos R-Line plated calipers are premium quality, remanufactured calipers that function and fit like OE and deliver continued functionality and high-quality appearance through an extended life.

Proprietary RPT Rust Prevention Technology provides all-weather zinc plating comparable to OE. The calipers meet (ASTM B117) 96-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test standards and industry-leading processes and testing ensure reliable performance in harsh conditions. The line is engineered to ensure safe, leak-free operation and includes bracket, seals and bleeder screws.


CRP delivers OEM technology with three new Pentospeed 0W-20 motor oils for European makes

Cranbury, NJ… CRP Automotive now offers three new Pentospeed application-specific, motor oils that are formulated to deliver “super high performance” and high fuel economy. The new Pentospeed motor oils deliver OEM technology and fulfill the need for technically advanced, high-performing formulations.

The new 0W-20 Pentospeed motor oils cover more than three million VIO and feature the following OE approvals: Pentospeed LL-14 – BMW approved for Spec. LL-14, Pentospeed VCC – Volvo approved for Spec. VCC RBSO-2AE’ and Pentospeed SP IV – Volkswagen approved for Spec. 508.00/509.00

All three motor oils were developed using the newest additive technology, in conjunction with ultra-high-performance base oil, offering significantly lower fuel consumption and speedy engine oil circulation. The formulations have been developed for highly stressed engines, down-sized aggregates, and engines with Stop-Start systems.


Midtronics introduces CPX-900 Battery & Electrical System Analyzer

Willowbrook, Ill.—Midtronics has launched the CPX-900 Battery & Electrical Analyzer, its first handheld one-piece diagnostic tool featuring Conductance Profiling technology.

Conductance Profiling is Midtronics patented technology that extends traditional conductance measurement to evaluate a battery’s reserve capacity. Reserve capacity is an important measure of a battery’s ability to sustain the electrical loads required by a vehicle over time.

As electronics, such as vehicle start/stop systems, rear-view cameras and infotainment have become more commonplace, batteries are required to support more than just cranking and starting the vehicle.

“Legacy conductance and load testers only look at the battery’s ability to start a vehicle. Conductance Profiling combines our conductance diagnostic technology with enhanced algorithms and a small load to also evaluate the battery’s ability to support the electrical demands of modern vehicles,” said Jeff Jones, CPX-900 platform product manager. “CPX-900 analyzes more battery data points, delivering greater diagnostic decisiveness and identifying bad batteries sooner – before customers encounter a no-start situation — resulting in a better customer experience and increased service satisfaction.”

CPX-900 is built with integrated Wi-Fi, enabling sharing of battery test results with customers via e-mail. And, with a subscription to the cloud-based Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS), Wi-Fi connectivity supports cloud-based storage of battery testing data and analytical reporting, in addition to automated over-the-air tool software updates.






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