PPG Debuts TouchMix® XI Touchscreen Computer

STRONGSVILLE, OHIO – MARCH 16, 2017 - PPG has launched its state-of-the-art TOUCHMIX® XI computer, the first of three advanced tools that will make up PPG’s new branded Color Solutions product line known as XI. A PPG exclusive, this robust WINDOWS® OS computer is designed to provide easy navigation of PPG’s PAINTMANAGER® software program to reduce mixing room complexity and allow technicians to work more efficiently.
“This is a highly significant technological leap in color solutions and a genuine aid in simplifying refinish color identification and matching,” said John Beran, director, refinish global color IT. “By linking this remarkable self-contained unit with our PaintManager system, we’ve developed a secure and compact solution for the most demanding collision center environments.”
According to Beran, the TouchMix XI unit features plug-and-play functionality, an easy-to-clean 15” glass color touchscreen and a paint-resistant finish. Its small footprint permits it to be configured in several ways—stand-, pole- or wall-mounted with no external computer or keyboard required. In addition, TouchMix XI provides a variety of networking options to match collision center operations, USB data backup, Wi-Fi capability and Ethernet and HDMI compatibility to enhance its versatility.
“We believe technicians will find TouchMix XI to be an outstanding way to productively streamline shop operations,” added Tracey Johnson, senior manager, global IT. “PPG customers will appreciate the improved system reliability, reduced support costs and minimal maintenance. Like all of our products, TouchMix XI is intended to keep PPG at the forefront of color solutions.”
The TouchMix XI computer is now available in the U.S. and Canada. Launch dates for the PaintManager XI program software and RAPIDMATCH™ XI spectrophotometer, the next two components in the Color Solutions lineup, will be announced soon.
For more information about TouchMix XI and other PPG color tools, call (800) 647-6050 or visit www.ppgrefinish.com.

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