The NGK Ruthenium HX offers two times the service life of the NGK Iridium IX and four times the service life of nickel spark plugs.The Marathon EFB provides added heat protection and delivers two times the cycle life of a standard flooded product with a higher charge acceptance over the life of the battery. The IB Pulse will formally launch to customers beginning Jan. 7, 2019. (Photo by Rob Merwin)CarMD’s PMO Director Mike Berkaw demonstrated the CarMD PRO SCAN at AAPEX, which includes PRO 14 hardware, mobile app syncing to transfer data to the repair shop portal, real-time data with customizable reports and marketing options, and a way to archive reports for future reference.

Product News - December 2018

NGK announces high ignitability technology in new Ruthenium HX spark plug

Wixom, Mich.–NGK Spark Plugs has debuted its new NGK Ruthenium HX spark plug line at AAPEX, which consists of 25 part numbers covering more than 200 million vehicles in operation. Currently, high ignitability designs make up 52 percent of the OE product mix for 2005 to 2018 model year vehicles, a number which is expected to reach 60 percent by 2020. The new line offers higher ignitability, enhanced oxidation resistance and increased durability for today’s engines.

The NGK Ruthenium HX offers two times the service life of the NGK Iridium IX and four times the service life of nickel spark plugs, said Daniello Orlando, NGK brand manager.

As a high ignitability plug, it guarantees maximum combustion efficiency to ensure the most complete fuel burn, a quicker throttle response, smoother idle and better cold start, she said. NGK Spark Plugs achieved the high ignitability in Ruthenium HX by combining two of the most advanced tip design technologies available: Double Fine Electrode (DFE) and the first-to-aftermarket Projected Square Platinum Electrode (PSPE). DFE is intended for non-turbo applications, and PSPE is intended for turbo applications.


Exide unveils battery innovations at AAPEX

Las Vegas—Exide Technologies unveiled it’s first-to-market Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) product line, which includes Marathon EFB for automotive.

“New vehicle technologies – ranging from sophisticated infotainment systems to charging ports and advanced safety features – have put unprecedented strain on batteries,” said Vic Koelsch, president and CEO of Exide Technologies. “To meet the additional power needs of modern and future vehicles, Exide has reinvented the flooded battery design with EFB to optimize performance and provide longer battery life at a more attractive price point relative to AGM.”

The Marathon EFB provides added heat protection and delivers two times the cycle life of a standard flooded product with a higher charge acceptance over the life of the battery.

Exide is also transforming batteries from the inside out with its new LifeGrid technology and ErgoLock cover design. LifeGrid improves every Exide flooded battery performance with consistent power and enhanced durability. ErgoLock features a flat-top design, which provides superior leak resistance, and a strong integrated ergonomic handle for easy installation and portability.


Interstate Batteries introduces new IB Pulse battery tester

Dallas—Interstate Batteries announced its next innovation in battery testing, the IB Pulse – The Tech’s Tester, at AAPEX in Las Vegas.

“We surveyed 2,000 technicians across the country to make sure the IB Pulse is a battery tester designed for the way technicians really work,” said Brian Madeley, general manager of Charging/Testing at Interstate Batteries. “Our team traveled across the U.S. to understand the technician’s experience firsthand. Those insights were invaluable.”

Features of the IB Pulse include a lightweight handheld design; a custom Android operating system with an intuitive touchscreen app, VIN scanner, and wireless communication; a durable Gorilla Glass touchscreen interface and a separate control keypad for use while wearing gloves; stronger clamps with convenient built-in storage; a compact, wall-mountable charger with redundant charging ports; and field replaceable parts to minimize downtime and repair costs.

In addition, the IB Pulse is designed as part of a comprehensive testing program. It pairs with The IB Pulse Hub to share real-time results via a printer or customer’s email, establishing testing locations as helpful experts, and growing consumer loyalty.


CarMD PRO SCAN launches during AAPEX 2018

Irvine, Calif.— Corporation debuted its CarMD PRO SCAN during AAPEX 2018. The first B2B product from CarMD, PRO SCAN is a turnkey aftermarket business solution with full network scan capabilities that can be easily implemented into the repair shop workflow to help shops connect with their customers, increase return on investment and optimize future sales opportunities.

Tapping into CarMD’s database of curated maintenance, repair and vehicle data, CarMD PRO SCAN provides repair facilities with the tools, dashboard, portal and marketing options to easily incorporate the solution into their normal repair routine. In minutes, the service writer or technician can scan every module on the vehicle, whether it’s associated with a warning light or not. When the scan is complete, a CarMD PRO SCAN report displays an overview of freeze frame, I/M status, network scan results, OBD2 codes, pending DTCs, possible causes, upcoming maintenance and predicted diagnostics. Dashboard and reporting options enable the shop to customize the customer reports with their logo, and offer coupons for upcoming maintenance and service needs. The system can also generate a coupon that the customer can apply right away when additional work is required.


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