Repair kit for Porsche models: MEYLE offers Porsche control arm kit complete with mounting parts

Hamburg, 16 May 2017. Now available for Porsche models: MEYLE ORIGINAL control arms including a full set of mounting parts. Featuring bolts and nuts carefully matched to one another, the new kits provide repair professionals with every component required for assembly from a single box. Catering for the Porsche 911, Boxster and Cayman models, the all-in-one control arm kit allows workshops to offer swifter repair services by eliminating inconvenience caused by mounting parts being purchased separately. Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE is currently the only aftermarket supplier to offer full-service kits for the Porsche control arm repair.

The exceptional levels of driving dynamics and engine output, which are the hallmark of Porsche models, also put the vehicles' control arms under considerable strain. However, functional reliability and stability of the control arm is paramount to ensure overall system safety and driving comfort. In order to help repair shops offer prompt repair services to professional standards, MEYLE now offers newly designed MEYLE-ORIGINAL control arms for Porsche models including a full set of mounting bolts and nuts. Technicians profit from significant time savings with all components required for assembly conveniently on hand and the customer benefits from not being kept waiting unnecessarily.

The new MEYLE ORIGINAL control arms with mounting parts to fit Porsche models are as of now available under the MEYLE part numbers 416 050 0000/S, 416 050 0004/S, 416 050 0005/S and 416 050 0008/S.

MEYLE workshop advice: Typical symptoms signalling that a control arm is due for replacement include rumbling and knocking noise, indirect steering, loss of tracking stability and steering play. The fastening bolt needs to be replaced along with the control arm.

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