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SATAjet 5000 B RP now 6H-compliant; Chopper available Nov. 2

Spring Valley, Minn.-Following the successful launch of its high-performance SATAjet 5000 spray gun last fall, SATA (SEMA Show booth 10609; now offers its spray gun model in a special surface design. The SATAjet 5000 B Chopper conveys a sensation of freedom and independence, attracting biker aficionados, fans of the movie blockbuster “Easy Rider,” adventurers of any sort, and people with gasoline running through their veins.

     As with previous special editions from the “Spray Gun Lab,” in Kornwestheim, Germany, with its special surface treatment, the SATAjet 5000 B Chopper is a fully functional spray gun perfectly suited to paint shop conditions. Painters can choose between the “Super Saver” HVLP version and the “Super Speed” RP version in optimized high pressure technology. The SATAjet 5000 B Chopper HVLP spray gun is offered in nozzle sizes ranging from WSB to 1.4, while its RP counterpart comes in a range between 1.2 up to 1.4. Both are available in standard as well as digital versions. The SATAjet 5000 B RP received the EPA Rule 40 6H approval on Aug. 31.


Miller Electric’s TIG welders are easy to use, upgradable

Appleton, Wis.-Building on a long legacy of dependable TIG welding solutions, the new Dynasty 210 and Maxstar 210 welders from Miller Electric Mfg. Co. (SEMA Show booths 24113,24116; deliver up to 210 amps of output power, and exceptional TIG and stick performance in easy-to-use, versatile and portable packages that also allow for upgrade flexibility.

Replacing the Dynasty 200 model, the Dynasty 210 power source is AC/DC TIG/stick-capable and welds up to 1/4-inch steel and aluminum in a single pass. The DC TIG/stick-capable Maxstar 210 — replacing the recent Maxstar 200 model — welds up to 1/4-inch steel in a single pass. Offering class-leading portability, each stand-alone power source weighs 50 pounds or less and features dual carry handles and a carrying strap for easy transport.

“The new Dynasty 210 and Maxstar 210 welders are designed to address the challenges welding operators face every day and deliver flexible performance our customers can count on to complete a wide variety of jobs with outstanding weld quality,” said Andrew Pfaller, TIG product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


Bolt Buster heat induction tool is safer, more precise than torch

Addison, Ill.—The Bolt Buster (SEMA Show booth 11571; is a powerful yet portable magnetic high-frequency heat induction tool to heat up metal fasteners more precisely and faster than a torch to 1,200 degrees. The innovative technology has proven to be a time-saving alternative, with no open-flame concern.

Removal of seized fasteners such as nuts, bolts, pins, etc., using Heat Induction is becoming standard practice in automotive repair, according to the company.

“Traditional use of oxyacetylene torches was the only method available and it works; however, new technology such as heat induction provides a faster, more precise solution and many corporate shops realize the value of this tool not just for safety reasons but because it is a tool technicians can use to improve productivity,” said Charlie Han, technical director of Bolt Buster.


Dent Fix Slimline Plastic Riveter perfect for obstructions

Gardena, Calif.—Dent Fix’s (SEMA Show booth 11253; DF-CT888 Swivel Slimline Plastic Riveter compact plastic rivet pliers are perfect for tight and hard-to-reach places where plastic rivet clearance is minimal or obstructed.

With only two inches of clearance needed to fully extract rivets, no pumping is needed. Specifically designed for plastic rivets, the kit includes the riveter, 10 short (5 mm) plastic rivets, 10 long (6.3 mm) plastic rivets, and a blow-molded case.


Breathable Air Combo System is designed for waterborne paints

Mazeppa, Minn.—Martech Services Co.’s (SEMA Show booth 11416; Waterborne Breathable Air Combo System is designed to work with an existing compressed air source to properly filter and monitor the compressed air for Grade “D” Breathable Air and also provides clean and dry air for spraying waterborne or solvent-based paints. The system can handle up to two painters at the same time. 

“The Model 50-WB has all the features of a Quality Air Breathing System, Model 50 series system, plus the additional ability to lower the dew point and relative humidity for spraying waterborne paints,” said Tom Wright, director of sales and marketing for Martech Services Co. “It only makes sense that if the air is safe for breathing air, then it would be superior sprayable air.  Add to that a way to lower the dew point and the relative humidity, and you have a complete combo system.”

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