TBC Brands Introduces the Trailer King RST Tire

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – April 10, 2019 – TBC Brands, one of the largest distributors of private brand tires in North America, introduces the Trailer King RST.  The ST radial tire is Trailer King’s latest generation ST tire built for today’s modern trailer applications.

This tire is produced with segmented molds for exceptional uniformity and a modern appearance.  The RST’s optimized tread depth reduces rolling resistance and heat buildup to maximize the life of the tire.  Most sizes feature a nylon overlay construction to maintain strength and durability for extended even wear on higher load applications.

“The Trailer King RST will satisfy the demands of today’s trailers whether it is used for work, travel or play,” said Bill Dashiell, SVP of the Commercial Tire Division for TBC Brands. “Available in a wide variety of sizes and equipped with an M speed rating, the Trailer King RST provides industry leading market coverage at an affordable price.”

The Trailer King RST is now available in the following size and load range combinations:

ST175/80R13 C and ST175/80R13 D
ST185/80R13 C and ST185/80R13 D
ST205/75R14 C and ST205/75R14 D
ST215/75R14 C and ST215/75R14 D
ST205/75R15 C and ST205/75R15 D
ST225/75R15 D and ST225/75R15 E
ST235/80R16 E and ST235/80R16 F
ST235/85R16 E and ST235/85R16 F

The Trailer King RST tires feature a nationwide warranty for workmanship and materials due to a defect in design, workmanship, or material for the either the life of the original tread or five-years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.

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