The R-ID Plus model comes with an internal printer to print final test results.New CP7670 camera works with iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone and tablet.The new Hofmann monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies.

Tool & Equipment Notes - August 2019

Robinair announces new refrigerant analyzers for vehicles with R-134a or R-1234yf A/C systems

Warren, Mich.—Robinair has released its new R-ID and R-ID Plus Refrigerant Analyzers, which allows technicians to quickly and accurately determine the refrigerant purity of a vehicle’s A/C system. The R-ID and R-ID Plus Refrigerant Analyzers are designed for use on vehicles with either R-134a or the newer R-1234yf refrigerant.

Powered by an internal lithium ion battery, the R-ID and R-ID Plus measures the percentage of R-1234yf, R-134a, R-12 refrigerants, as well as R-22 and Hydrocarbon contaminants. An optional R-12 hose is required for technicians to be able to test R-12 refrigerant. The analyzers also measure the percent air in pure R-1234yf and R-134a refrigerants.

The tools are certified to the SAE J2912 standard and can connect directly to any SAE J2843 or J3030 A/C service machine with an external USB port. Each device has a large, easy to read color display that shows analysis results and helps technicians to determine the next step of an A/C system service. 

The R-ID Plus Refrigerant Analyzer is equipped with the same features and functionality as the R-ID Refrigerant Analyzer but adds an internal printer to print final test results.


Ingersoll Rand launches 2115QXPA 3/8” Impact Wrench

Swords, Ireland—The Ingersoll Rand 2115QXPA 3/8” Impact Wrench is the fastest tool in its class1 to help technicians quickly complete everyday jobs in tough environments, company representatives said. The 2115QXPA is ideal for work on passenger vehicles including interior car bolting applications, side panel repairs and engine work. It is finely tuned and crafted to deliver max power.

The 2115QXPA reaches 15,000 Rotations Per Minute (RPM) of free speed and 300 foot-pounds of max reverse torque. The 2115QXPA is light, quiet and powerful, the company said.

Technicians can manage the speed of the tool for maximum control with the tool’s feather touch trigger. Using the power regulator, technicians adjust the torque to decrease power, minimizing the chance of damage from over-tightening bolts.

The composite exterior housing of the 2115QXPA is temperature resistant so it doesn’t get cold when connected to compressed air or hot if left in the sun. The Ingersoll Rand Quiet Technology noticeably reduces noise levels from the tool, sparing technician’s ears and helping minimize noise pollution in the shop without sacrificing power. The tool weighs 2.5 pounds.

The 2115QXPA also features:

• Chemical-resistant composite housing to protect against shop fluids

• Swivel hose connection that prevents tangling so technicians can move freely around vehicles

• Steel twin hammer mechanism for maximum power and durability

• Steel-lined hammer case for added durability without adding weight


Actron introduces Wi-Fi Borescope Camera compatible with various smart devices

Warren, Mich.—Actron has announced a new Wi-Fi Borescope Camera that gives users the ability to view and playback photos and videos from vehicle inspection with the download of an app on their smart device.

The CP7670 Actron Borescope Camera is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android smart phone and tablet devices.The flexible 3.3-foot tube can be shaped into any viewing condition, allowing for optimal viewing in hard to reach areas.

The 8mm camera includes an adjustable brightness of four tube-mounted camera LEDs with 8 brightness settings. The camera head itself is manufactured and tested to IP67 waterproof standard. The camera comes with a mirror, magnet and hook.


New Hofmann monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer combines speed, versatility, safety

Conway, Ariz.—Featuring a compact design and a quick and easy setup, the new Hofmann monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies.

“The ergonomic design and safety-enhancing features of the new Hofmann 1675 tire changer provides the user a safe work space when changing a variety of tires,” said Adam Brown, director of product management for Hofmann. “The 1675 is easy to set up, simple to use and offers a large range of capacity.”

The Hofmann swing-arm tire changer features the patented smartSpeed technology which automatically minimizes risk of damage to tires. It also optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel. The 1675 offers variable speeds from seven to 18 RPMs for maximum productivity.

The monty 1675’s design, including precision-cast and machined shoes with strong cast jaws, makes for precise, slop-free clamping. The heavy-duty pneumatic valves are simple to operate and offer intuitive functionality. A powerful electric motor generates 1,200 Newton/meters (Nm) of torque to the table top to mount stiff, difficult tires.

Another feature is the newly designed bead breaker control that is simple to operate and prevents the technician from having to straddle the assembly during bead breaking. An integrated pressure limiter helps stop air flow once pressure has reached 55 PSI, preventing accidental tire over-inflation.

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