No special training or diagnostic expertise is required to successfully operate the new VDO Autodiagnos Check service tool.The new 7-inch touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface that allows technicians to quickly look up required adaptors.

Tool & Equipment Notes - December 2016

New VDO Autodiagnos Check service tool simplifies service

Las Vegas—Continental showcased its new “VDO Autodiagnos Check” service tool for service centers at the 2016 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas. The tool’s specialty is the simplification of everyday service applications. Continental reduced the tool’s complexity so that service center technicians who do not specialize in vehicle diagnostics could use it. No special training is required to successfully operate the tool.

Many diagnostic tools are not designed for pure service applications and can be complicated to use, simply because they are primarily designed for comprehensive troubleshooting, and the technician might need to know exactly which system or controller needs to be diagnosed for the task at hand. Continental offers an alternative with this new service tool. The company says it has the following features:

• Streamlined efficiency – quick access to vehicle systems supports service center tasks such as vehicle health check, engine, braking systems, transmission, SRS/airbag, climate and steering/suspension

• Intuitive menu navigation – select the vehicle system and manufacturer and start the service immediately

• No detailed diagnostic knowledge necessary, due to independent ECU identification

• The tool covers all the essential service applications of all major manufacturers


Hunter Engineering releases new AutoComp Elite brake lathe

Las Vegas—Hunter annouced its release of the new AutoComp Elite brake lathe, featuring automatic compensation technology. The patent pending AutoComp compensation system directly determines the position of the internal plates to maximize speed and accuracy without operator intervention. The result is the fastest, highest quality brake job possible, company officials said.

The new 7-inch touchscreen provides a user-friendly interface that allows technicians to quickly look up required adaptors, operate the lathe including changing cutting direction and speed, and view instructional videos. The interface also includes the BitMinder feature which monitors bit life and recommends replacement to improve cut quality and reduce waste.

AutoComp Elite also includes patented Anti-Chatter Technology (ACT), which eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed. This provides the smoothest possible rotor finish without the use of chatter bands or other cumbersome devices, they said.


Bosch high-performance semi-automatice tire changer set to debut in North America

Warren, Mich.—Bosch has announced the latest innovation to its wheel service line, the TCE 4550 High Performance Semi-Automatic Tire Changer. The TCE 4550 is a 30-inch semi-automatic lever-less high-performance tire changer that assures fast, effortless and simple tire changing, company officials said.

Two laser pointers on the TCE 4550 simplify the setting of the rim diameter and guarantee the perfect positioning of the lever-less tool during demounting. The center-post clamping with the Bosch Smart-Lock allows technicians quick, safe and secure clamping for a wide range of applications.

To further simplify the mounting process, two dedicated tool and helper arms are operated by the control panel along with the lever-less tooling system double-bead breaker disks that allow for unhindered tire mounting and demounting.

The TCE 4550’s ergonomic control panel is arranged to yield efficiency during the tire changing process while motor inverters regulate movements to enhance precision and power. Once the mounting process is complete, the smart following arm automatically resets to the home position.

Equipped with a pedal controlled 2-speed rotation, the Bosch TCE 4550 has a large clamping capacity of 30-inch diameter and 16-inch width. The integrated wheel lift ensures safe lifting of wheels up to 176 pounds as well as protection of heavy high-performance wheel and the safety of the operator.

The TCE 4550 will be available for order in North America in early January 2017 through Bosch distribution partners.

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