Publisher's Statement - July 2019

The ‘Internet of Things’ drives us into tomorrow

That odd, little acronym, “IoT,” that keeps popping up has much to do with the aftermarket’s path, now and into the future.

Our industry’s world is changing more today with technology than it ever has in the past at a rate unprecedented as vehicle data drives disruption, challenges and opportunities.

Head-in-the-sand tactics to ignore the tsunami of change will only accelerate demise for those businesses that fail to embrace new technologies. For those who welcome this brave, new world, opportunities abound to tap into a potential gold rush of possibilities with out-of-the-box thinking and new, data-driven enhanced business models.

The Internet of Things’ (IoT) sophisticated data analytics and free-flow of data is creating significant efficiencies and new opportunities, and will be explored at the 2019 Technology Conference, presented by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) on Sunday, Sept. 29, through Tuesday, Oct. 1, in Boca Raton, Fla.

Topping my list of intriguing sessions is “Shop of the Future: Innovative Models for Using Vehicle Data,” moderated by Donny Seyfer, of NASTF, featuring Tilak Kasturi, of Predii, and other panelists.

Also, finally, there is a real-life example of the use of artificial intelligence used to generate insights into repair trends for various makes/models, which will be discussed by Mitchell 1’s Ben Johnson during a presentation, “AI and Machine Learning: A Case Study with Real Benefits.”

Kicking off the event will be keynote speaker Alan Chakra, managing director of Deloitte Digital for Deloitte Consulting, who will explore future technology and automotive trends that may alter how vehicles are serviced in his presentation, “Future: IoT and Everything Digital.”

Insights from a leading technology and parts supplier on how and which new vehicle technologies are transferred to aftermarket applications will also be explored in “Bridging OE and Aftermarket Technology Developments,” by Joe McCorry, North American president for the aftermarket, ZF Services.

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AAPEX 2019

Shortly following the Technology Conference is the annual big event of the year, the Auto Care Association and AASA’s Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), Nov. 5-7, where technology will also take center stage along with numerous training opportunities. The AAPEXedu program will feature a forum on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), a Service Professionals Summit, sessions on trends, market outlook, technologies, tariffs and more, as well as Mobility Garage: Products and Training for Tomorrow and Let’s Tech presentations. To register, visit

Those forward-thinking presentations and events will help advance the aftermarket as a high-tech industry and assist developing strategies to service and maintain future vehicles properly and safely.

Like it or not, we’re now in the Internet of Things.

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