Publisher's Statement - March 2018

“I just wanted to convey to The Aftermarket Foundation how truly grateful I am. The increase will help me pay my bills and will make my situation better. In these difficult economic times I feel truly blessed and I’m very grateful.”

What can you do for someone in the aftermarket who has lost their home, business, health or experienced another tragic event or tough times?

The Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation (AACF) is the only charity that helps us help others in our industry who have nowhere else to turn. The AACF, founded in 1959, assists automotive aftermarket members and their families who, due to catastrophic illness or terrible accident, have exhausted all other available resources.

Its small staff and volunteer base makes sure the donations it receives go to those individuals and families that need it most. AACF’s website,, is filled with testimonials of those it has assisted.


“Your generous gift will provide enough to pay for our son’s funeral expenses. Your kindness during our most difficult time is deeply appreciated.”

What would you say to someone who needed help or a chance to start over? AACF provides the resources from across the automotive aftermarket to offer support and advice, quickly and confidently. When I contacted Executive Director Joel Ayers regarding those affected by the California wildfires, he said “we  put the word out through SEMA, Auto Care, MEMA, and CAWA as well as our own press releases and websites.”

AACF reported that applications were up 78 percent in the wake of last fall’s major hurricanes and wildfires. But thanks to support throughout the aftermarket, many of those who have lost homes, vehicles, belongings and loved ones have received relief and compassion.


“It made a major impact in not having to worry over medical visits and prescriptions. The foundation is the only reason I have kept my home and allowed me to concentrate on getting well.”

Every bit makes a difference. Tax-deductible donations can be made online at the foundation’s website; by mail at P.O. Box 864520, Orlando, FL, 32886; or by calling 772-286-5500.

Those in need are asked to complete a simple online application form. AACF can also be contacted directly or have your human resources department get in touch with them.


“Your generosity has kept me, my wife, my 9-year-old daughter and my 12-year-old son safe in our home for another month. Without your help we would have certainly failed.”

What would you say to someone who has reached out because they have no place else to turn?

Could it ever be anyone like you?

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