Publisher's Statement - October 2017

Exploring and preparing for changes ahead at CARS@AAPEX

     Shop owners have an opportunity to put some context to all the discussion and concern regarding advanced technology and its effects on all aspects of the independent vehicle service business model.

     The Automotive Service Association (ASA), in partnership with AAPEX and AVI, will present CARS@AAPEX, Nov. 2-3, at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

     The two-day event is designed to teach operators how to understand and adapt to the changes taking place in vehicle technology. Presentations will address attracting and developing future technicians, how new and existing competitors are changing their game plans to capture shop operators’ market share, how to “prepare to repair” now and in the near future, and how various advanced technology works.

Presenters include Bill Long, president and COO of AASA; Anuja Sonalker, an expert on cyberecurity issues; Bob Redding, ASA Washington D.C. representative, and Aaron Solomon, CEO of Mobile Devices Ingenerie.

It’s an ideal opportunity. ASA members attending CARS can benefit from formal and informal exchanges of information in one location and in a two- or three-day span. From the business owner perspective, exposure to the direction of the industry and the resources and tools required to address future challenges, stimulates and motivates. The awareness and information helps prioritize the steps and resource allocation necessary to achieve short- and long-term goals.

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October is Fall Car Care Month

As the seasons change, Fall Car Care Month continues to be an opportunity to market your service offerings with helpful promotional materials easily available at

“Ensuring that your customers’ vehicles are winter-ready now is a sensible approach to helping them avoid the inconvenience of being stranded out in the cold,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council. “This change in seasons means more service opportunities for you that will not only generate more business, but will also create a sense of goodwill with your customers.”

A good starting point to find information on participating in Fall Car Care Month and the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign throughout the year is the Car Care Council’s Industry toolbox at It’s a one-stop shop for ideas, tools, and resources to help businesses reach out to new and existing customers.

 The tool box guides automotive professionals through the many different ways that they can be involved in the campaign to grow their businesses and connect with the community, from handing out Car Care Guides or holding an event.

The Car Care Council’s 80-page Car Care Guide is a valuable tool to use when discussing recommended maintenance and repairs with customers. The digital version of the guide or printed copies can be ordered by visiting the Car Care Council’s website. Custom printing with a company logo on the back cover is available in bulk quantities.

Thousands of shops have used the marketing materials offered in the Car Care program to help increase business potential, build loyalty with current customers, and attract new ones. Be creative and proactive and use the promotional, marketing materials to your advantage.

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