Joe Barton from Bosch/Robinair provides an overview of the past, present and future of R-1234yf at a recent AASP-MO meeting.ATI’s Steve Lange discusses the RobinAir AC1234-6 and equipment requirements for the GM certification program.

AASP-MO and ATI present solutions and requirements for 1234yf and GM certs

Fenton, Mo.— There are more than 61 million vehicles in the world with R-1234yf and about nine million in the U.S, and the global warming impact of R-1234yf is far less than R-134a, so the use of R-1234yf will continue to increase drastically over the next five years.

That was the message delivered by Joe Barton, of Bosch/Robinair, during a recent presentation at AASP-MO’s monthly meeting at ATI’s (Automotive Technology Inc.) headquarters.

The focus of the meeting was R-1234yf refrigerant and systems as well as the new GM certification requirements.

Barton does a lot of the Section 609 certification training for R-1234yf technicians, he said, and provides an overview of the past, present and future of R-1234yf. ATI and AASP-MO will soon be conducting a Section 609 certification class and exam in partnership with AASP-MO and ATI in January (details to follow), which is a requirement to purchase two-pound cylinders or more and to service A/C units on vehicles with R-1234yf.

Some of the available R-1234yf machines that ATI has available were shown to those in attendance as well, such as the Robinair AC1234-6. “Body shops should consider the Robinair AC1234-6 as a time and resource saving investment,” said Shelly Jones, from Performance Sales Solutions, who was in attendance for the meeting.

ATI’s Steve Lange briefly discussed equipment requirements for the GM certification program and had the following equipment on display: Pulse MIG welders, aluminum repair stations, pneumatic vacuum system, resistance welders, R-1234yf recovery, R-134a recovery and aluminum repair tools, that will all be required with the new certification specs.

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