Propst Auto Repair partnered with ACDelco to provide repairs and service to customers who couldn’t normally afford the work. Co-owner Dennis Cordray is seen here with one of the appreciative vehicle owners who were a part of the event.Propst Auto Repair Co-owner and Technician Donald Graham replaces shocks for a customer in need during ACDelco’s recent Day of Service.Technician Tom Dollar performing underhood service on a customer’s vehicle during ACDelco’s day of service.From left, Owner Dennis Cordray, Co-Owner and Technician Donald Graham, and Owner of Wade’s Automotive in Farmington, MO and former Propst technician Derek Wade.

ACDelco partners with Propst Auto Repair for Day of Service to help those in need

Festus, Mo.— ACDelco selected Propst Auto Repair, in Festus, Mo., to participate in their recent second annual Day of Service, which partners local charity groups with Professional Service Centers (PSC) to provide free repairs or maintenance to those who could not normally afford it. Most of the repairs performed were safety-related such as ball joint replacement, brake jobs, AC repair, and belt replacement.

Dennis Cordray and Donald Graham, co-owners of Propst Auto repair, said they were honored to take part in the event. “We like helping people in need and this was our chance to do just that. It also provided us the opportunity to grow customer relationships and the opportunity to service them in the future,” Cordray said.

Customers were referred to the program by Disability Resource Association of Festus, a local charity that operates as a center for independent living regardless of age or disability. All the work performed for the customer was done at no cost thanks to ACDelco’s $5,000 reimbursement to Propst Auto Repair for participating. Cordray said they did $6500 worth of repairs and service but decided to absorb the additional costs.

“It was a good feeling to be a part of something like this and we hope to be able to do it over and over again,” Cordray said.

ACDelco representative Allen Stephan was on hand to help with the experience and to gauge the response from the community. Also on hand was Darvin Pauley, sales representative for Eagle Automotive, and Pevely Plaza Auto Parts, who are ACDelco distributors. Pevely Plaza Auto Parts provided parts deliveries and service materials for the event.

Customers were also given a gift bag on the way out with various ACDelco-branded items and educational materials to help with planning maintenance and repairs. Cordray said all customers serviced that day were “very appreciative.”

“That is what it’s all about,” he said.

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