Ellis Battery Acquired by Continental

Over the last 31 years in the battery business I have enjoyed many accomplishments, from the first route I ran, to the opening of 7 wholesale/retail locations across the Midwest Region. The most rewarding part of the battery business for Lesley and I has been the ability to meet so many people who have become just like family to us. We appreciate the relationship we have with all of our customers, employees and vendors.

The battery specialist field has changed drastically over the past three years. As these changes occurred, it became harder for us to have buying power for quality products. In order to continue to grow, provide great prices and ensure the success of our employees, we are announcing that as of May 1, 2019 we are partnering with the Continental Battery team. As a family, team and company, we are very excited about this decision! Lesley and I will continue to work within Continental Battery and ensure our customers receive the same quality products and service they expect from Ellis Battery.

Our choice to partner with Continental Battery was made with great care. Continental has been in business since 1932, they have the same commitment to quality, community, and service as Ellis Battery. We have the same goals and love for the battery business, as well as the same care for our customers and employees. We are excited for this next adventure as part of the Continental family!

We look forward to the continued support of our customers and community that we have received over the last 31 years.

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