Garage Guru Instructor Rick Kearns demonstrates how technicians can use just a scan tool to inspect and diagnose a Cadillac with electronic ride control.ASA-Midwest St. Louis Chapter President Doug Jacquot welcomes everyone in attendance to Federal Mogul’s Garage Gurus training on advanced ride control inspection and repair procedures.Recently Federal Mogul’s Garage Gurus and ASA-Midwest St. Louis Chapter held a training at Federal Mogul’s training center in St. Louis. There were 20 attendees. Dinner was provided by Federal Mogul as well.Those in attendance for a recent training event held at Federal Mogul’s training center in St. Louis were also given a tour of the facility by Lead instructor Rick Kearns. The attendees were shown the shop area as well as the customer service area, engineering room, and testing lab.

Garage Gurus and ASA-Midwest St. Louis Chapter host steering and suspension workshop

New ride control technology requires advanced inspection and service procedures

St. Louis—Members of ASA-Midwest’s St. Louis Chapter were given the opportunity for a hands-on look at how to inspect and diagnose an advanced ride control system on a Cadillac by just using a scan tool at a recent meeting with Garage Gurus at Federal Mogul’s training center in St. Louis.

The catered event consisted of mostly classroom-led instruction where instructor Rick Kearns presented “Advanced Ride Control Inspection and Repair Procedures.”

After ASA-Midwest St. Louis Chapter President Doug Jacquot gave opening remarks, Kearns introduced the attendees to the Garage Gurus program and highlighted several different training opportunities available at different times throughout the day.

“The lunchtime training is something that has been a huge hit with several area shops,” he said. Kearns will bring his Garage Gurus van to the shop, pay for lunch and offer a quick training class in an area of a shop’s choice.

A tour of the entire Federal Mogul Training Center was also provided, which the shop area, testing lab, engineering department, and customer service/technical support call center.

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