Ranken and Washington University Students Collaborate on 2019 Formula Racing Challenge

ST. LOUIS (April 22, 2019) Students enrolled in Ranken Technical College’s High Performance Racing Technology (HPRT) program recently teamed with Washington University students for some final preparations for a racecar headed to the 2019 Formula SAE International engineering design competition.

The car belongs to the Wash U Racing Formula SAE Team, an entirely student-run club that designed, manufactured, and assembled the center-seated, formula-style, open-wheeled racecar that will compete in the SAE International annual event.

The Ranken High Performance Racing Technology program teaches students to machine and build high performance engines using a wide variety of aftermarket engine components and state-of-the-art technologies. Ranken students ran a series of chassis dyno tests and diagnostics, including testing its engine, fuel and electrical systems, and drivetrain. The two groups collaborated to sort out various issues with electrical systems and fuel delivery then remapped fuel and ignition tables on the laptop computer, verifying final performance on the chassis dyno. The net result yielded an overall increase in output torque throughout the team’s target 5000 – 10,500 RPM range from previous years’ results.

“It is a real pleasure to see the students discuss issues, test the car’s components and performance, and solve various problems,” said Ranken High Performance Racing Technology Tuning Instructor Don Rote. “They share knowledge and offer advice to one another. Each group benefits from the experience.”

Alex Dutton is the president of the team. “We've worked together with Ranken students on tuning the car the past few years,” said Dutton. “Going to Ranken has always been a highlight of the year for me, and I've learned so much every time I've gone.”

SAE International (formerly known as Society of Automotive Engineers) developed and managed the first Formula SAE student competition in 1981, with six teams with 40 students. By 2018, the event had grown to 120 teams with 2567 student participants. This year the race is being held May 8-11, in at the Michigan International Speedway.

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