From left: Owner Lou Craven, Office Manager Carolyn Kozemczak, and Bryan Craven are refocusing DTI’s business model to incorporate ADAS service.Bryan Craven shows the recently purchased Autel Maxisys ADAS calibration tool at DTI.

On target with ADAS diagnostics

Design Technology Inc. shifts business model to incorporate growing need for ADAS repairs

St. Peters, Mo.—Lou Craven, owner of DTI (Design Technology Inc.) has long been known as a pioneer in the diagnostics and programming community. His facility in St. Peters has been home to some of the most advanced diagnostics and technical training anywhere in the country, he says. As Craven begins to wind down his career, it is his son, Bryan, who will take it to the next level with advances in ADAS programming and diagnostics.

Bryan Craven is the mobile diagnostic and programming specialist handling most of the service calls outside of the shop, and a recent purchase of an ADAS calibration tool from AE Tools & Computers in Olathe, Kan., will help fuel in-house services.

“The ADAS is designed to be a life-saving system and we can’t ignore how important these calibrations, programming, and repairs are going to be moving forward. This technology is here and if all signs are correct, it is not going anywhere,” he said.

DTI already has OE diagnostic equipment and software in place for most makes, domestic and foreign. The licenses have already been purchased, everything is current and up to date.

 The goal for Craven is to set up an entirely new business model focusing solely on ADAS, which will be supplemented by the existing mobile programming, fuel injector services, and hybrid system repairs.

“I would like to see us be able to provide our services in partnership with area collision and mechanical repair shops to ensure that the safety of these vehicles is not compromised due to improper or incomplete repairs,” he said.

Craven added that incomplete repairs in vehicles equipped with ADAS systems is becoming very common in the industry mostly due to the lack of audible or visual warnings and also the lack of DTC’s that indicate a loss of calibration.

If we’re going to survive in this industry going forward, the information and resources needs to be accessible from the OEMs.

Bryan Craven spends a lot of time researching and along with his father, they do a lot of learning as they go.

“We’ve done quite a few vehicles now since we have had the ADAS system and it’s not uncommon to find inconsistencies within the information provided to us. We make adjustments and learn from them.”

Properly staffing the business with qualified technicians to assist in ADAS calibration, diagnostics, and repairs is something Craven says is paramount.

“We are going to have to do this in-house, with our equipment and really make sure that the right person buys into how important these systems are. We have an apprentice currently who we will begin training and as we grow we’ll add more. Schools aren’t teaching this, even dealerships aren’t being taught, so it is up to us to make sure we have the right people in place going forward,” Craven said.

Craven is also exploring working with insurance companies directly and partnering with Auto Body Shops to be the go-to ADAS facility in the area.

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