Rhodes engines has been named Jasper’s largest installer in the nation multiple times, most recently for 2015, 2016 and 2017. From left are Jessica Rhodes (Scott’s Daughter) and owner Scott Rhodes, Technicians Rick Dahl and Allen Jamerson, and Sales/Front Office Kimberly Trendley.Technician Rick Dahl wraps up a recent Jasper installation by reattaching a drive shaft on a Jeep Wrangler. Rhodes installs about 200 engines along with 15 to 20 transmissions a year.Rhodes and his team were recently presented with the 2017 President’s Award recognizing years of support and sales volume and the award for Top Shop of 2017.Kimberly Trendley, who handles sales and front office duties, takes care of all incoming calls and customer service issues while also giving quotes and ordering parts.Scott Rhodes designed, fabricated, and installed a custom rail and lift system that allows the crew to be efficient when it comes to pulling and reinstalling Jasper Engines.Jasper Engines are received almost daily at Rhodes Engines.

Top installer in nation three years running

Rhodes Engines credits efficiency and product quality for achieving accolades and awards

St. Charles, Mo.—Efficiency is the driving force that Scott Rhodes, owner of Rhodes Engines, attributes the bulk of his shop’s success.

The shop has achieved the highest honors that Jasper Engines & Transmissions has with the President’s Award, as well as being recognized as its top installation shop for three years running. The President’s Award is given to a Jasper installer that has provided multiple years of support and has achieved the highest levels of sales volume.


Efficiency is crucial for success  

“We can’t achieve any of this if we are not efficient,” Rhodes said. “Turnaround time is a huge part of why we are able to win awards like that.”

Rhodes and his two technicians, Rick Dahl and Allen Jamerson, bring vehicles into bays and prep for engine extraction. Once the engine is pulled, it is set aside for crating and returned to Jasper for core credit. The replacement engine is then uncrated and prepped on a custom-built, mobile cart that allows for 360-degree access. A custom rail and chain system is then deployed to drop the engine in, explained Rhodes, who designed the  n bvcvbnm,systems.

The shop has seven working bays with Rotary or Atlas lifts, and is always full with additional vehicles waiting to take the next opening, he said.

“I started my career at an engine shop that had something similar, but I wanted to take it to the next level. We have the ability to move an engine wherever we need to move it with this system.”

Rhodes installs an average of 16 Jasper engines every month (nearly 200 per year), with an RO ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. “We stay busy with the Jasper installs, but we also work on a lot of older cars as well, doing engine rebuilding. That market is really booming right now. We are doing three or four of those a month. We also do Jasper transmission installations, anywhere from 15 to 20 a year.”

The bulk of Rhodes’ workload is towed in or referred by Jasper’s website, but recently he has seen an increase in vehicles coming from outside sources, which he sees as a win for everyone involved.

“We have been getting a lot of work brought in from other shops, dealerships, and collision shops here, lately. and we could not be happier to help those who seek us out.”

The benefit, according to Rhodes, is that other shop owners and dealers can stay efficient by providing routine maintenance and repairs while avoiding tying up their bays with an engine swap.

“They can close the entire deal from their office with their customers and still turn a profit. That is how efficient and inexpensive we are. It is a win for everyone.”

Rhodes attributes the success of Jasper to the fact that they are always trying to make their products better. “Jasper will take a known issue in the industry and make it go away. They redesign and improve designs on just about every component which is something that no one else is doing.”

Rhodes has noticed throughout the years that there are some common engine and part failures that Jasper has been on the forefront of resolving and redesigning.

“The Ford Triton 5.4 engine is a big one that we see a lot. Jasper redesigned the pistons and also updated to a high-volume oil pump to ensure proper pressures to the VVT among many other improvements. We are also seeing more of the GM 3.6 engines. These are failing for many reasons, such as oil consumption, dry start-up, piston scuffing, cylinder bore wear, head gasket failure and leaks, camshaft noise, VVT failure, low oil pressure/knocking, valve guide wear, spun reluctor wheel/timing, fuel leaks, and run-ability. Jasper went in and basically redesigned that one to be fail-proof.”

Jasper provides installers with constant updates on its products through publications and in-person training, Rhodes said.

“Whenever they have something new, we are the first to know about it. They are always sending us flyers and will even have someone come out to let us know about the bigger changes that are out or that are coming.”

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