ExperTec Shop Manager Gary Frahm (left) and owner Roy Daneshavske recently expanded into Costa Mesa.Roy Daneshavske uses the Mitchell SE software. “Maintaining the customer’s data and history are key features for us,” he says.

ExperTec Automotive opens second location and looks toward further expansion

Roy Daneshavske says finding additional staffing is challenging to move forward; Mitchell1 system keeps shops humming

Huntington Beach, Calif.— There’s a twinkle in Roy Daneshavske’s eye when he talks about the future growth of his business. 

“We had a good year,” he said. “We have days when we can’t take any more work in.” Some of that is due to the market he said, referring to the population growth that has brought more cars into his north Orange County area of operation. “More cars on the road means more cars that need service, but I like to think some of it has to do with the quality of our work.” 

Daneshavske has built ExperTec Automotive, in Huntington Beach, from scratch, starting with what he described as “a really small place” several blocks away from his current location. Within a few years, he had outgrown the location and moved to his present site. Today, ExperTec Automotive uses two separate buildings and a total of 14,000 square feet of shop and office space. The facility has 16 hoists, an alignment bay and an emissions bay. He employs eight technicians, three service advisors, two drivers and a receptionist.  

So good has business been that Daneshavske has recently expanded his operation, opening a second ExperTec facility in the nearby community of Costa Mesa. That shop has eight hoists and employs three technicians, though he admits he’ll need a fourth tech soon. “We still have room to grow,” he said. 

He aims to expand further. He finds himself constrained, however, by the difficulties in finding qualified technicians and management staff. “Finding good people is going to be the key,” he said. “If we can find them we’re going to continue to expand.” With the second store, Daneshavske says he has realized some economies of scale with marketing and parts purchasing, for example. Yet he believes real savings in those areas will come when and if he adds additional stores. 

For now, however, getting cars in and out is high on the list of ExperTec’s priorities.

Daneshavske has been using Mitchell1 software to help manage his shop almost as long as he has been in business. Today, after nearly 24 years in the trade, he remains a loyal user of Mitchell1 products.

ExperTec’s focus is on convenience for customers and quality repairs. Today he uses Mitchell 1’s Manager SE and ProDemand programs to help him achieve both. 

“Maintaining the customer’s data and history are key features for us,” Daneshavsky said. “Also, it’s the simplicity of creating a repair order — we really want to get the customer written up and out from in front of the counter as soon as possible. Manager SE helps us create the repair order quickly. The quicker we process the customer, the quicker we can get to the customer’s car.”

In the bays, Daneshavske’s technicians use Mitchell1’s ProDemand software to access service and repair information. “We use printouts of the Tech Worksheets it generates, and we combine that with a 45-point inspection sheet that we developed,” he said. “So before working on any car, each of our guys has the Tech Worksheet and our inspection sheet,” which covers tires, brakes, fluids and all other normal wear and tear items. “This way, every car we work on is guaranteed to get the same level of service.” 

Paper printouts may seem a little old school to some, but the system works well for Daneshavske and he sees no reason to change it. “We’ve looked at many shop management programs over the years,” he said. “We even had a local company offer to build a shop management program using our business as their model. But we decided to stick with Manager SE because it has everything we need.

“I like the financial reports I can pull from it. They keep me well-informed about our sales. We order parts with the help of the catalogs tied to the program, too.”

Daneshavske said he’s seen plenty of demos of other shop management software over the years, but found from the beginning that Mitchell software had the right combination of features. “It wasn’t too complex, so it was easy to learn. It wasn’t too simple, either, so it did what we needed.”

Both ExperTec shops offer the full range of service and repair for vehicles domestic and import alike. They also sell tires and they’re an official Goodyear tire store. “Their name recognition is a benefit,” Daneshavske said. “I get a little better pricing on the tires, too. But mostly it’s about convenience for our customers.”

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