Universal Technical Institute Opens Registration for “Ignite” Preview Program for High School Juniors

Long Beach, Calif. – May 17, 2019 – Universal Technical Institute (UTI-Long Beach) is now accepting applications for Ignite – a free summer program for high school juniors interested in exploring high-tech, high-demand careers as auto, diesel and motorcycle technicians. Participating students receive intensive, hands-on lab and classroom training, and a real-world experience of being auto technicians. Students who complete the program will earn credits toward a UTI education if they attend the school in the future. Ignite will be offered at UTI-Long Beach and each of UTI’s other 11 campuses nationwide.

“We’re seeing strong continuing demand across the transportation industry for qualified, well-trained automotive and diesel technicians. These are highly technical and rewarding jobs with great earning potential, upward mobility and stability – and employers can’t fill them fast enough,” said Larry Hohl, Campus President, UTI-Long Beach. “Our Ignite program is a free, fun way for young people to learn about the opportunities that exist in the transportation industry and experience what it’s like to be in the skilled trades. We look forward to offering this unique and important training at our campus again this summer.”

Ignite participants learn automotive and collision basics as they complete a 3-week, no-cost course – an introductory sample of the programs completed by full-time UTI students. The Ignite curriculum emphasizes a career-focused education that prepares students for the high-tech ever-evolving transportation industry of the future. Students explore career opportunities in the transportation field, receive hands-on training on today’s latest technologies and learn from UTI graduates and local employers about the high need and earning potential for trained technicians.

UTI launched Ignite nationwide in the summer of 2018, following a successful pilot program at campuses in Avondale (Phoenix), Ariz.; Houston, Texas; and Orlando, Fla., the previous year. Each of the programs were at or near capacity, and a large percentage of participants said they planned return to UTI as a full‑time student after high school. Summer Ignite students are eligible to receive credit toward future UTI courses and can complete a UTI program and begin a career in the transportation sector in less time.

Industry demand for trained automotive and diesel technicians continues to accelerate. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that, by 2026, there will be more than 1.2 million job openings in the automotive, diesel and collision repair industries.1 To help reach that total, the transportation industry will need to fill more than 120,000 technician job openings annually, on average.

“If you know high school juniors who have a passion for cars, engines or working with their hands, encourage them to apply for the Ignite program this summer,” said Hohl. “It’s fun and free, and it may open their eyes to career opportunities they didn’t know existed.”

The Ignite program is now accepting applications for the Long Beach campus. For more information or to enroll, visit www.uti.edu/ignite.


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