Washington shop boosts sales by $50K with hybrid battery reconditioning

Bellingham, Wash.— Todd Black, owner of Unlimited Service, increased his business by $50,000 by offering ProlongPro Battery Systems’ risk-free hybrid battery reconditioning to his customers.
He offers the wiring harness installation as well as the reconditioning service and free subsequent battery maintenance, with a risk-free guarantee for two-years. He averages one to two battery reconditioning customer per week with a 90 percent success rate.

“It’s fostering customer loyalty,” Black said. “We get business from all around the area. Initially, we keep the vehicle a week and cycle it three times. Subsequent visits, we cycle it twice, and we’re seeing customers schedule other services alongside those, so it’s making us money in that way, too.”

Jeff Sloan, owner of Hybrid Automotive, which makes the ProlongPro Battery Systems, calls Black’s offering an innovative approach to hybrid battery reconditioning as it presents the lowest cost to consumers, the highest benefit to the shops and no financial risk for anyone.

“It’s typically $800 to $1,200 for the service, and when it works you save the customer thousands and help the environment by not replacing the entire hybrid battery,” Sloan said. “On those rare occasions reconditioning doesn’t work, every dollar the customer spent is applied toward a replacement hybrid battery, hence the risk-free label. The warranty does require ongoing battery service at least twice a year. If reconditioning cannot revive the battery and it fails during the warranty period, the shop owner is still profitable by selling the customer a replacement hybrid battery.”

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